Atlanta-based designer Brooke Serson Cernonok has come up with a creative way to “upcycle” your old cashmere sweaters: she turns them into one-of-a-kind plush bears, bunnies and elephants. You can donate your sweaters to Teddylux and leave it at that, or for about $55, you can have your sweater transformed into the aforementioned animals. Each plush is hand-crafted with vintage silk accents and comes gift-boxed with the a Teddylux story and a certificate of authenticity.

Gallery1988 Presents Idiot Box

Gallery1988 was once snubbed by Juxtapoz, but it now celebrates its fifth anniversary as one of the most relevant art galleries of our generation. On April 2, G1988: LA presents Idiot Box, 100 artists paying tribute to icons of the small screen. The gallery has previewed some truly awesome pieces like Alex Pardee‘s rendering of Steve Urkel and Adam Rex‘s homage to Small Wonder. Toy fans should look out for something stupendous from Doktor A and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by Le Merde. The roster of artists guarantees the show will be amazing, and to top it all off, Idiot Box will be hosted by Mr. Belding — yes, Dennis Haskins from Saved By the Bell. There will be an opening reception from 7 – 11 p.m. on April 2. The show runs through April 23.

Magnetic Art

Magnetic poetry became passe long ago (sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Fridge Poet). Motifo is selling packs of magnetic pixels to turn your refrigerator into a work of art. Their cool black, white, and gray pack, or the warmer red, orange, and brown pack, each feature 1296 little squares to decorate your fridge using a design tempalte (Mona Lisa, The Shining, Audrey Hepburn, etc.). Or you can just create your own. No guarantee the pieces won’t get lost or eaten by your cat.

The Periodic Table of Video Games

We have to give serious props to the guy behind the I Heart Chaos site for creating this. Not only is it an entertaining way to see if your friends really are as knowledgeable about games as they claim, but since it’s based on the Periodic Table of Elements, it totally makes our geek heart melt. In fact, we might purchase a print of it at Redbubble.

In place of elements like Aluminum and Boron are a mix of classic characters like Mario, Pac-Man, and Little Nemo, and popular new ones from Hitman and Gears of War. While some people are getting all worked up about Master Chief being left off — and some elements being in the wrong places — we can look past these goofs. Can you name them all the games referenced in the table? We can.

Underground Rebel Bingo

London’s got a reputation for having a seedy underground. Anything goes: drugs, hookers, knives … bingo? Last week I ended up in the underbelly of the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. Under the guise of a neighborhood watch meeting the “too hip to trip” set up shop and play bingo. Of course there’s plenty of booze and dancing to give even the most hardcore of bingo nerds something to wake up to the next morning. We woke up with this amazing space galaxy laser cloud nebula projector. Tickets are £7.50 and the club only runs on the occasional weekend. Check the website for dates. The location is secret and the whole event is hush hush. I hope they don’t mind me blogging about it.

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