NYC Street Vendors Infograph

New York City vendors are one of the many things we love/hate about the city. Everyone has a story of some amazing/crazy street vendor experience. The Street Vendor Project has put together a visual guide for vendor regulations, rights and history and it looks amazing. Working with the Center for Urban Pedagogy designer Candy Chang put together all the information that goes into vending life (there's a lot). I now know enough to open up my own stand and battle off the cops when they try to slap a fine for on my ass for the distance between the cart and the curb. Seriously, the street has rules! You can check out a PDF sample here. If you read anything on the graph, make sure to read the sample stories at the bottom. Really interesting and heart breaking tales of what life as a vendor holds.


James Jarvis x Nike Onwards

British illustrator and designer vinyl pioneer, James Jarvis, has teamed up with Nike for a whimsical non-linear animation. The project was proposed and produced by Jarvis with the end result being, he hopes, “a much more equal collaboration with a brand.” Although the idea was to explore characters that were not referential, Onward, explores the subject of running free, and is inspired by Jarvis’ own experiences: “a favourite run over Blanchland moor in Northumberland, being attacked by a crow in Singapore "“ and also by the transcendent, almost psychedelic experience of the simple act of running.”

Notably, while Jarvis’ vinyl toys have been getting fatter (ie. Martin X and Yod), Onward features a slimmed down Lance Armstrong yellow “potato-headed stickman.” Jarvis, who is an avid runner, but suffered a stress fracture setback, said that making the video gave him perspective and “re-affirmed the simple pleasure of just running. Being injured, what I miss isn’t the racing but just getting out there and doing it.” The video is directed by Richard Kenworthy with music from Caribou.

LEGO Rock Band


We have to admit to being pretty smitten with both the LEGO Indiana Jones and Star Wars titles for our video game console of choice, but our Fanboy aspirations extend further than the world of cinematic nostalgia. Rock Band has allowed us to live out our Rock ‘n’ Roll fantasies during it’s relatively brief life span, but we’ve had the misfortune of having to settle on avatars that aren’t representative in the least of our desired rock god persona. The new family friendly LEGO Rock Band is the best of both worlds, allowing users to craft their own LEGO self as well as fellow bandmates, roadies, managers and crew. Even with the new features users will still possess the power to pretend to be masters of the LEGO telecaster even though they’re not actually strumming anything except maybe their rock star-sized ego.



Remember PostSecret? That project that had people mailing their dirty little secrets all over the place to complete strangers? That was fun and all, but if you’re more photographically-inclined, you’ll probably get a bigger kick out of a similar new movement that launched called Igotanenvelope.

Here’s how it works:
You put an envelope with a stamp and your address in a place where others will discover it. On the back of the envelope, write a note to the one who found it asking them to place a personal object inside and mail it to you (the exact phrasing is on their site). Then, when you receive the envelope in the mail, take photos of the mysterious objects inside and post them on the Igotanenvelope site.

While it seems most unknown souls are mailing off magazine or newspaper clippings or other small, written works, other items like puzzle pieces and thongs have also arrived in the mail. If you try this out, let us know what you get in return!

Is This Your Luggage?


Lost luggage is the worst. And it seems, no matter what trouble you go to to prevent yours from being misplaced "“ designer bags, vibrant tags, etc. "“ it doesn’t really make a difference to the airlines or that person who was convinced that they snagged the right bag. But now, maybe you can find your stuff, even if it was brought home by some random traveler. That is if the site, Is This Your Luggage kicks off a new, useful trend.

After an airport “loses” a bag, it tries to contact the owner. If they’re unsuccessful, they hang onto it for a while and then, auction it off. The owner of the site attends such auctions, purchases these bags, then snaps shots of everything in the bag in the hope they may connect the missing luggage with its rightful owner. Weird that some random stranger is touching your stuff – including your sexy nurse’s outfit – but at least you’ll be able to wear your treasured clothes once again.

A Dust La Rock Exhibit NYC


We began singing the praises of Dust La Rock earlier in the week but little did we know that this monster had already been created. The stellar graphic design alter ego of Joshua Prince has plenty of friends in high places and those friends are putting their money where his work is. This Thursday, for one night and one night only, The Fader and Fool’s Gold are presenting Best of The Beast, a mixed media exhibition of the hypest proportions celebrating the creations of one Dust La Rock at Christopher Henry Gallery on Elizabeth Street in SOHO. The festivities run from 8pm til midnight and will feature DJ sets from local luminaries such as Dave1, Vin Sol and Queen Majesty. Did we mention there’s going to be some pretty dope artwork on display as well? Be there or get a taste of the wrong kind of dust.

Full Flyer After The Jump…


Beastie Boys Tribute Prints

HEYLADIESPRINT.jpg Back in January, LA’s Gallery1988 paid tribute to the Beastie Boys with Under the Influence, a group show featuring Beasties-influenced art by Alex Pardee, Dave Flores, Jim Mahfood, Mear One, Tristan Eaton and more. Today, the gallery made available three limited edition prints from the show: Scott Scheidly‘s “The Brass Monkey Has a License to Ill,” David MacDowell‘s “Hey Hey Hey Ladies” (shown here), and Casey Weldon‘s “B-Boys Unite.” Each print is limited to just 25 pieces. Interested? Check availability by calling G1988 at: (323) 937-7088.

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