MOMA's Destination: Brazil Product Collection

DryEraseWallClock.jpg Being an outsider sucks. We sometimes feature products on our site, like kicks, that are available only in Brazil, and we’re definitely guilty for making you salivate and yearn for them. Today we’re psyched to tell you about the launch in mid-May of MOMA’s Brazil Product Collection, a group of 75 Brazilian design goodies not found anywhere else in the U.S. One of the works featured is Estudio Manus, who we introduced here a while ago and has gone on to dizzying success since then. Also in the collection is a sushi bowl by design kings the Campana Brothers, a movable Centipede fruit bowl by Gustavo Engelhardt, Daniel Castelo and Diego Costi and a Dry Erase Wall Clock by Ricardo Saint-Clair (pictured)"”MOMA exclusives, so ha, take that, Brazil, you can’t get these products over there. The products will be available super-close: at MOMA Design stores and on MOMA’s site. Which means for now, you don’t need to take an emergency Portuguese class to learn how to say “Can you buy these for me?”

Twitter Magnets


It’s not often you find yourself at a loss for 140 characters on Twitter, but when’s the last time you said something truly unique that didn’t have to do with how spicy your lunch burrito was? Twitter Magnets, the internet incarnation of those random words on your fridge, allows you to craft an entirely distinct arrangement of thoughts for your next status update, provided you’re creative enough to fashion something meaningful out of the words you’ve been given. Whether you form a beautiful haiku or just randomly string some words together to make your friends think you’ve been drinking, it’s makes for an enjoyable new way to answer the question, “What are you doing?”

YI Earphone by Ji Woong


The iPod has come a long way since 2001. So why hasn’t someone come up with an answer to getting the wires all un-tangled for ear bud headphones? I’ve gone through so many pairs because of wire tangles wrecking them alone. Ji Woong has come up with a solution, but it’s still in concept phases. His YI earphones work like a zipper, making the wires into a thick strand when they are ‘zipped’ up. Even better the zipper itself has a volume control on it. Pass this on to your friends at electronics companies, because this needs to exist. Good work Ji Woong, we’re glad to see someone is looking after our wires. Hit the jump for a few more conceptual pictures.

via Yanko Design



One of our favorite London galleries Elms Lesters is featuring Ron English in his first solo show in England. Ron's style has created a lot of buzz for his comical and provocative take on current political and cultural issues. He titled this upcoming show LAZARUS RISING, focusing on the economic times along with a heavy religious reference. His paintings are getting more expensive with each show, but they make amazing prints and books. Rob will be at Elms Lesters gallery on May 7th for a private opening 6 to 9 pm and signing books on May 9th at noon. The exhibition runs from the 8th of May till June 6th. Hope to see you there!

Vice Brazil/Converse: The Way We Run


Interesting things are happening in the sneaker/partnering news department this week. Run-DMC’s abandoned their Adidas loyalty to Nike by releasing a Nike+ running soundtrack. And on the heels of that is Vice Brazil’s launch with partner Converse in tow. Kicking off Tuesday is The Way We Run, a multi-track of events spanning art, music, fashion and skate in Sao Paulo, like a meet and greet with team skaters and DJ sets, all taking place at various high-profile places for six weeks. The event ends with a surprise show. I met Vice Brazil publisher Tony Cebrian a few months ago, who told me he has big plans for the Vice empire’s South American version of the free magazine, including featuring stories that will knock any generalizations of Brazil right out of the water. Look for a translated version of those stories to wind their way to your copy of Vice soon. I’m looking forward, just as you likely are, of seeing some Dos and Dont’s from below the Equator.

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