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Spencer Nikosey is talented, period. Not only is he a graduate of Art Center College of Design (that place breeds talent), but just 4 months after he graduated he’s now running a fantastic little business, with some very special products. Despite the name of his new brand, I think we should very much keep him alive.

He designs and makes what he calls “Premium Artifacts” which are, right now, bags made from “used in combat” military truck tarps, preserved coated cotton canvas from the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and some new materials he’s been exploring and experimenting with as well.  The brand is called KILLSPENCER.

The bag I received a sample of (shown here for $425), is from the Repurposed Collection and boasts some real history and serious craftsmanship. All the wear and tear is original, which feels a little weird knowing it was used in the Korean War, but also has a great origin story. He uses the highest grade parts, custom waterproof zippers, cobra buckles, and military webbing everywhere. The attention to detail on these bags is insane to say the least.

He has currently designed 15 mens bags, a weekender bag, a messenger bag, and a backpack available in 5 different colors. Each product is individually numbered and made in very limited quantities in Los Angeles. Drooling yet? Check out this film. As if his bags didn’t show his design talent, this film alone will.

More pictures of all the different bags after the jump. Gorgeous work Spencer, congrats!


The Wattcher


Any good green guy or gal knows that energy preservation is a huge part of being environmentally conscious. Increasing your awareness also goes a long way towards decreasing your electric bill. While you may think you’ve got a handle on the amount of electricity coursing through the wires in your home, you could probably stand to consume even less than that which is currently flowing. That’s where the Wattcher comes in. The simple yet sleek plug-in device designed by Marcel Wanders displays the amount of energy being utilized by all the gadgets and gizmos sucking at your sockets, giving those who typically eat up energy a great way to monitor and learn how much the simple act of turning off non-essential items can make a difference in the world around them and inside their wallet. Sexy looking, too.

Via designboom

Giant Microbes


If Ugly Dolls are any standard for cuteness, then a stuffed E. coli bacterium is downright adorable. Giant Microbes, a Delaware company with a mind for the medical, creates plush stuffed toys resembling microscopic critters, viruses, and cells with enough personality to make a tapeworm look friendly. Among the categories are Corporeals, Tropicals, and (our favorite) Calamities, which include the black death, flesh-eating virus, and mad cow disease. The Petri Dish, a combination of any three microbes, makes for a perfect gift for the healthcare professional in your life, who will certainly get a kick out of these gross little cuties. No good looking cuddly for H1N1 yet though.

Thais Beltrame: When All the Stars Are Gone


Although her ink drawings always carry a somber vibe about them, Thais Beltrame’s (the only girl holding it down in the Sao Paulo artist collective Famiglia Baglione) U.S. solo debut will be anything but low key. Her new black-and-white works will be joined by watercolors for her When All the Stars Are Gone exhibit kicking off at Carmichael Gallery this Thursday. The title of the show refers to the literal skies, where she looks to for inspiration, and the pieces feature children walking down the path of awareness, turning into new people as they become wiser. I’m totally into the pensive state her work always leaves me in. The show runs till May 28, and in the back gallery will also be Get Rich Quick, a collection from the gallery’s collectors that includes work by Barry McGee, David Choe, Banksy and Kaws.

The Return of Billy Bananas


It’s been over 2 years since we brought you word of Tristan Eaton’s Billy Bananas figures. Tristan’s been busy with Thunderdog Studios, but Billy is back in five new colorways you can grab at the Jonathan Levine Gallery here in New York. The Billy Bananas Show kicks off Thursday night, featuring new paintings and prints, the Billy Bananas 5-inch vinyl toy and a special Billy Bananas video installation by INTERSPECTACULAR. Each edition of Billy (Toxic Glow, Medic, Lucky, Billy for Girls and Classic) is limited to 150 pieces or less, and Tristan will be on the scene to sign toys from 6-9PM. Get ‘em while you can.

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