Nike Sportswear Stories


Nike Sportswear (NSW) is the sneaker company’s newest line, featuring exclusive products focusing on a high quality. They made a huge splash when they announced a partnership with Loopwheeler Japan (amazing quality) to produce the world’s best hoodies. Recently, a special NSW project out of Italy caught my eye. Called Nikesportswear Stories, the creative team focused on two DJ’s, a football player and a volleyball player as they went about their daily lives"“ all using stop-motion photography. Make no mistake about it – though this is a very cool art/video project, there is a strong tie to the ecommerce site. In each scene, the name of the products being featured are captioned near the model. Mousing over the title pauses the main scene and brings up a picture-in-picture animation focusing in on said product. We’ve all seen witty shopping sites but leave it to Nike to bring this level of creativity to an online store. Besides being beautiful, the site is great at doing what it’s designed for – selling products. Check it out.

Threadless Five Dollar Sale

Picture 12.png

In celebration of t-shirt weather (yay!) Threadless is running their legendary $5.00 and $10.00 t-shirt sale from today through next Monday June 8th. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

We’re celebrating the return of t-shirt weather with an awesome week-long Summer SALE! A ton of tees are now at $5 and $10 so get ‘em while they’re HOT!

T.Magic: Recession-Inspired Art

TMagic Desktop Collectibles (Art)-2-1.jpg

British street artist T. Magic has just released a new collection of recession-inspired artwork entitled Desktop Collectibles. These 9 mini-canvases have depictions of his dark social commentary/affirmations like “Art Is My Hustle” “Success Is My Destiny” and “Pain Is My Glory…” These canvases are painstakingly small (4×4 inches) supported with a tiny little handmade easel.  It took the artist 50 days to create this super-limited (tiny) collection. I like the first one best! £50 each. Very Warhol.

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