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A pre-lunch visit to the online marketplace Foodzie is not for the faint of heart: the startup’s efforts to highlight the products of independent food producers includes images and details about cheeses, chocolates, and sauces that will make your mouth water. The artisan product provider earned recognition as one of BusinessWeek’s Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs earlier this year, and the results have been delicious.

While working for a private label market in North Carolina, Emily Olson, one of the three member Foodzie founder team (above in the middle), realized how hard it can be for small producers to get their products in front of retailers. The stories behind the foods and companies weren’t being well conveyed, and she set up shop with Rob LaFave and Nik Bauman to create a marketplace where producers could promote their products easily. “This lets them focus on chocolate or what they’re really good at,” said Olson, whose notable finds since starting the site have included truffle popcorn and almond butter crunch toffee. “We see ourselves as part of a bigger movement around more sustainable and high quality food. And even in a recession, we’ve found that people may not be going for big extravagances but are still buying small luxuries.” Sounds like it’s time for a gourmet pickle party pack.



The folks at All Day Buffet just launched an interesting new venture (and experiment) called By/Association. They’re seeking to reinvent the traditional notion of “networking” by enabling substantive interactions and long term relationships to people like you. After you apply and are accepted, you’ll receive one monthly introduction to another remarkable person in your city– all based on complimentary interests, goals, passions, and skills. And naturally with each introduction your own personal network will begin to grow.

The application process asks things like “What’s something you put into the world that didn’t exist before?” and “Describe the most recent time you had fun.” Only 125 words are allowed per answer, so you must be short, sweet, and interesting.

For more information, read their inspiring manifesto and if you think you fit the mold, go ahead and apply. Congrats guys, this is great stuff.

Spring Loaded


Photographers Steven Brahms, Emiliano Granado and Stephen K. Schuster went on a search for the American institution called “Spring Break,” in which tender youths put down their books temporarily in order to wrestle in vats of Jello, put pictures of their breasts on the internet, and wake in hospital beds, half-dead with alcohol poisoning.

Really– the pictures are pretty awesome (and not just because of the scantily clad women). You can check them out here. Can we go to the beach now?

Savath & Savalas

61IP0MDka3L._SL500_AA280_.jpg 517cMqoKODL._SL500_AA240_.jpg

Before the melding of organic hip hop with glitchy processing in Prefuse 73, Guillermo Scott Herren messed with ambient jazz and the chillest nooks of latin music. Many forget that Savath and Savalas brought Herren to Warp Records, leaving many of his records under this alias overlooked. Well, if you haven’t heard it before, now is the time to warm up to it, as we find ourselves smack in the middle of two releases. Stones Throw put out La Llama two weeks ago, living up to the expectations with an array of soundscapes and vocalists. Out in exactly two weeks is Golden Pollen, coming out on Anti, will showcase Herren’s own voice and instrument talents.

Still not convinced? Listen to a track on YouTube.

Fink's Ninja Tune

ZEN146.jpgA lone singer/songwriter on a label that prides itself on producers, Fink landed with Ninja Tune in the late nineties with a pair of EPs, followed by 2001′s downtempo mix Fresh Produce. It wasn’t until five years later that he showed his melodic side on Biscuits for Breakfast, the first record that defines his current style. Since then, he seems to be back on track with his releases. Distance and Time dropped in 2007, and now we’ve got another mellow collection entitled Sort of Revolution. The LP features John Legend on a couple of tracks, as well as a cover of ‘Walking in the Sun’. Another solid Ninja Tune release.

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