Re-Ment Sushi Bar


Re-Ment‘s Puchi Petite Collections are tiny, incredibly detailed, and often food-focused toys from Japan. The global cuisine includes assortments ranging from Luxury French to American Kitchen. One of my personal favorites, The Re-Ment Sushi Bar, features campy titles like “Wasabi Makes my Eyes Watery” and “I Want to Eat Sweet Grilled Egg!” Each box is sold blind-style and contains mouth-watering miniatures like avocado rolls and fatty tuna, as well as the necessities like chopsticks, hand towels and tea. You can find Puchi Petites in many toy stores and of course, on eBay. And as you might imagine, there are several Re-Ment Flickr groups. From a 1cm. perfectly-formed donut to a 1-inch plate of oysters on ice, Re-Ment puts the kitch in kitchen. Yum.

O-No Sushi Toy


A good vinyl toy should be more than a status symbol or dust collector: it should connect with you as an art form, and in an ideal situation, you should feel something. When I look at Andrew Bell‘s upcoming O-No Sushi figure, I feel the polarity of consumption: desire and guilt simultaneously. Based on Andrew’s Never Look Back artwork, these toys will be one of the must-have items of the San Diego Comic-Con and summer in general. Each figure (exclusive blue and standard red) has articulated limbs, severed tentacles, extra eyes, sushi, bowl and terrific packaging. This is the second sushi toy I’ve reviewed in as many days. Sushi toy trending? Check out many more snaps of O-No Sushi here. � More delicious pictures after the jump.


Geometry of Ruins


Inspired by modern ruins and the spirit that remains alive inside of them, Geometry of Ruins seeks to simultaneously provoke feelings of hope and its death. The multimedia show by Tyger creator Guilherme Marcondes and his artist wife Andrezza Valentin"”both from Sao Paulo and now living stateside"”goes from an art center in Sao Paulo that was never finished, whose mystical what-could-have-been promise is amplified by a superimposed eclipse on fire, to a video installation with dozens of tiny screens flashing frenetic images and mimicking the city’s grid layout. I love the couple’s concept of using structures as literal skeletons in which to frame imagination. The show runs till July 11 at Flux Salon in Venice, CA, the wonderful little gallery by Jonathan and Meg Wells (of ResFest fame).

Shades Of Greige Sale


Our pals at Jack Threads are holding a big 24 hour sale for Shades of Greige starting tomorrow at 12 noon. Pieces will include dress pants, jackets, dress shirts, ties, and more. All merchandise also ships within 48 hours, so no long wait times for your sale goodies. Not into Shades of Greige? Next up, KR3W, WeSC, Sabre Sunglasses, 10.Deep and Analog. Not a member? You can signup to become one for killer deals on top tier brands in the streetwear and contemporary fashion market.

MWM Graphics: Parallel Universe

MWMGraphics.jpg pal MWM Graphics (Matt W. Moore) is finishing up a month-long stint of work and play in Sao Paulo, putting the final touches on spray painted pieces for tomorrow’s kickoff of his first-ever solo show in South America, Parallel Universe, at Rojo Magazine’s Artspace. The graphic design wunderkind arrived with no materials and created everything in the show from scratch in a studio in boho Pinheiros. The results are canvas versions of his famous vector illustrations, and they interestingly blur the line between digital and literal handiwork. Check out an in-depth interview with him on in which a writer takes him out for forro dancing and drinks, and in the midst of it all that mental lubrication, Moore reveals some great (and inspirational) insights into his work process.  Looks fantastic.

Future of Music T-shirts?

got-music-t-shirt-k.jpgAll this chatter of Mos Def and his album on a t-shirt makes us happy. Music Tee’s we spotted last week are coming out in full force. My next question is simple though: What stops people from taking a camera phone picture of the download code on the t-shirt without purchasing it? Similar to the days kids used to bring razor-blades into the record store and slide out the CD quick and undetected. I hope we don’t ever have t-shirts locked up behind security as records and other hard media (DVD’s etc) have now. I’m excited to watch for sales figures of the Mos Def T-shirt ($40) to see if it has legs.

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