Nooka Pop-Up Shop

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Wanna get your Nooka on? Swing by their super-fun pop-up shop at Den in New York from July 10th through August 16th. The entire line of products is for sale"“ all the watches, the new wallets, belts and Nooka fragrance. It’s a great space and very well done!

330 East 11th Street
Between 1st avenue and 2nd avenue
New York, NY 10018



Upon leaving the TED alternative BIL Unconference, Rahmin Sarabi wanted to see what his friends had to teach each other in a similar co-education framework. The community-powered learning community (un)classes became Sarabi and partner Jonathan Strauss' chance to see what smart folks would be willing to share, and the result is a good "what to do on a free Saturday afternoon" solution given the classes' informal nature and wide range of content. Peer instructors have raised their hands everywhere from New York to Boise, and the Cloudspace-powered community offers everything from the very practical  (Accounting for Dummies and Salesforce) to the fantastic (cheesemaking and straight razor shaving). Talk about the joy of learning.

Pilemon T-Shirt


Of all the wacky cross-culture mash-ups that come out of Japan, this one gets serious chutzpah points: Phenomenon paired seminal post-punk band, Public Image Limited, with animated feline time-traveler, Doraemon on two new T-shirts. The graphic mixes PiL’s logo with a more subtle reference to the cat’s colors, whiskers and collar. Of course if it takes you a minute to make the connection, Phenomenon sends it home by titling the shirt Pilemon. I think it’s both brilliant and bizarre to pay combined homage to an important band that released its greatest hits (so far) album in 1990 and an anime icon who fell into the shadow of Sanrio, but it does beg three questions: 1) Precisely how many people listen to post-punk and watch anime? 2) Why now? And 3) How quickly is John Lydon going to call his lawyer about this? Looks like white is already sold out. Black is available here.

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