LOST Underground Art Project


Fans of LOST who also happen to be underground art aficionados now have something to spend their time and money (and conspiracy theorizing) on til the TV show returns in 2010. What began as seemingly a prank on the part of comedian Paul Scheer has turned into a full-fledged ARG, where the “A” could just as well stand for “art” as much as “alternative.” Paul’s Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear painting (see website of same name) was the beginning of a viral campaign containing LOST clues and resulting in a (staged) cease and desist letter from ABC. Now, with the help of Gallery1988, 16 artists are getting in on the action. Initially revealed on Sunday at a Dharma Initiative event with DJ AM and Steve Aoki, but available for purchase beginning today, is Tim Doyle’s take on The Numbers. Each of the 16 prints will be hand-pulled, hand-signed and numbered limited edition screenprints. Tim’s has glow-in-the-dark elements. Check it out before there’s a time shift and they’re all gone at actuallyitsketchup.com.

Insound Classic 10


Last year our melodic mates at Insound commissioned gifted designer Jason Munn to create the limited edition Insound20 line of posters, hoodies, and tees in tribute to 20 contemporary indie rock stalwarts including the likes of The National, Beirut, and The Decemberists. If last year’s collaboration didn’t do a good enough job convincing us of their good taste in both graphic design and musical arenas, this year’s sequel finished the job and damn near knocked our socks off in the process. Insound has turned to one of our favorite artists, Mike Perry, to create the “Insound 10 Classic” collection. This time the focus has been turned away from the contemporary and towards creating an updated visual representation of influential bands that helped define the genres of punk, post-punk and indie rock between 1977-1997. Included in the visually inspired line of tees, totes, and posters are seminal acts like The Feelies, The Magnetic Fields, and Sleater-Kinney. While the products are slated to arrive in September, pre-order officially launched on Monday at the Insound store, so your time to grab them is already running out. Save a Galaxie 500 Tee for me.

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