You helped me build a well.


Friends, family, readers, generous souls:

We did it! We’ve reached my goal. A goal I set on my 25th birthday.

Together we raised $5,000. $5,000 that builds a well and provides clean drinking water for a community of 500+ people.

Dozens of you stepped up and donated to make this possible (more than 100 in total). Names I recognize, familiar names I’d seen around, and names I’ve never seen before.

You all rock.

Each and every one of you has helped me reach my goal and were an integral part of something bigger, something special, something with meaning beyond words.

My wish has been granted. Thank you for your support.

With gratitude,


P.S. That was easy, right? Got a birthday coming up? How about you build one as well?

Help Remedies


Help Remedies. You get the point. Gorgeously packaged bandages, pills, tablets and more with witty sayings that give a warm feeling.

Six packs are $20. It’s a shame they’re not homeopathic or natural remedies (hint, hint)"“ but the idea is damn nice. I see good things in the future for these folks!

Want to help them? They’ve set aside 5000 shares of their own company to give to people that help them on a variety of tasks from translation services to reviews and product suggestions. Check them out.

Update: Biodegradable packaging too!

Our packaging is made of molded paper pulp and a bio plastic made primarily of corn. We use these materials because they are interesting to look at, and they are compostable"”which means one day, they might become part of a large tree. Maybe you can cut down that tree and make it into a speedboat.

Update 2: When you have nearly 6000 posts sometimes you forget when you’ve written about something before.  Damn, hey, at least it looks like they’ve come a long way!

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