The Federation for the Advancement of Time Posters


My favorite non-profit tutoring center, 826LA, has just debuted the second round of its cheeky retro-future Time Travel posters done once again under the talented hand of local artist Amy Martin. If you recognize the look, that’s because you’ve seen them here last year, and they were such a success"”$30,000 was made purely in poster sales"”that the organization figured it might as well try its luck again. Witty with right-on messages, the 18″ x 24″ frame-ables help keep techno dreamers firmly planted in today’s reality. They’re only $19.99 plus shipping, and are available for pre-order with a ship date of Sept. 14. Way to go for thinking ahead of time!

Dot Allison x Room 7 1/2

If you know Dot Allison's past, you know her as for dance floor friendly tracks. Just a brief walk through her history, she headed up the band One Dove in the early nineties and became known for igniting the whole acid/pop/electro whatever scene. She went solo and pushed that sound through a few phases which leads us today when she dropped Room 7 1/2 on my lap. Dance beats turn into whispers of poetry and soft strums of a guitar. Sweaty ravers are just memories and old conversations. The record sounds like the weekend she stayed in, woke up early, wrote songs and didn't look back. I love artists who have eras in their body of work. Dot is definitely entering a new one with Room 7 1/2 and I'm totally digging it.

The album is up on itunes (both U.K. and U.S.) today and if you're in London head to Rough Trade Records on Brick Lane tonight for a little record release party. Things kick off about 7.

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