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Two crazy (and crazy interesting) books from Gestalten showed up on my desk this week. Both are worth checking out!

The first is called Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper (top) and is all about the crazy and ingenious projects people have managed to do with paper and some serious time and dedication. The second book is admittedly bizarre but still awesome. It’s called Hair’em Scare’em and shows a collection of photographs exploring the inventive possibilities of hair as a medium for artistic expression. Yes, there are some crazy hair styles inside. Inspiration for the next time I hit the salon? Perhaps.

Natural Selection Exhibition: London


NATURAL SELECTION‘ will be a non selling exhibition including works by Adam Neate, Jose Parla, Phil Frost, Boris Tellegen (DELTA), Anthony Lister, James Marshall (DALEK), Futura, Mark Dean Veca, Ron English, Stash, WK Interact, Snug and Andrew McAttee.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 31st October, but there will be a private reception between 7 – 9pm on Monday 2nd November. The exhibition continues until 12th December 2009 and is at the Atkinson Gallery: Millfield, Street, Somerset BA16 0YD

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