Megan Herbert's Wrapping Paper

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Megan Herbert has produced a range of five gift-wrapping papers created to enhance your gifts for any occasion. An Australian-born illustrator and writer, she is now based in Iceland. In the Summer of 2009 she and designer Sruli Recht (and our friend) opened their own concept store, Vopnabúrið, in downtown Reykjavik. Iceland’s beautiful desolation is a big influence on her work.

Love these, especially the bloody one, bottom left!

Cipher's Subterranean Shoes


They’re finally available online! Cipher shoes, the new Subterranean shown here ($120). Give the other models a looksie. I love where this brand is going.

Originally inspired by the fluid, dynamic movement of the fathers of the “Beat” generation; the SUB- TERRANEAN is a manifestation of the underground intellectual movement that stirred the American cultural awakening of the 1950’s and beyond. Our newest interpretation gets a sleeker and more aerodynamic upgrade for 2010.

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