Feit Direct


This is an inspiring take on a pretty stale (as of late) industry. These Superclean Low 1′s are now in pre-order with 13 pairs remaning. They’ll get cut on June 18th and ship by July 30th.

Feit Direct is a direct-to-consumer store for high end sneakers. The owner designs the shoes, sources the materials, and then only sells what he can produce based on that single run. He calls the system Maximum Capacity, and he varies the pricing based on where you buy in the manufacturing cycle. Pre-production is the cheapest, during production is the middle, and post production is the highest cost.

Neo Gramophone


The Neo Gramophone: Beautiful. Stunning, actually. Currently only available as a sculpture, but how about this for imagination:

Playing vinyl back in the days the gramophone is now able to play your personal musical selection via streaming directly from itunes or directly by loading music on it via bluetooth. A simple subsurface menu (reacts upon touching the menu area) provides easy playing, simple usage like the traditional gramophone. Clean and perfect sound is a must today so the inside of the neo-gramophone features multiple speakers and a subwoofer with the horn as the bass-reflex tube.

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