Eepmon: Intersections


My crazy talented pal eepmon recently had a solo show of his works titled: INTERSECTIONS. Named after the place his work resides, at the intersection of painting and computer-mediated art. This is my favorite of his work to date.


Here’s how it works: He obtains real-time open data from Google’s weather feed and that’s fed into his program that governs the look of his visual and audio output. The captured weather conditions are then grouped into 6 main categories: cloud, fog, clear, rain, snow and rare (including hurricanes and tornados) that determine the color scheme and the mixing of audio samples that create the atmospheric environment required in order for the paintings to proceed.


As stated by Andrea Fatona who curates eepmon’s works at the Ottawa Art Gallery in Canada, his “process evokes a sensibility akin to action painting of the 1960s in the ways that it explores issues related to the body and performance. The artist integrates computer algorithms into his paintings, illustrating contemporary conceptions of the machine as an extension of the body. His process is shaped by chance and certainty, improvisation and script, affect and effect.


A “computer-generated visual output onto the canvas, where moving lines, patterns, sounds and swatches of colour guide his gestural brushstrokes. The resulting brightly coloured canvases feature undulating lines, swirls, and patterns dissolving into figurative forms.”

Incredible inspiring. I want one, congrats man! More here.

Photos by Kay Sakiyama and Mark Madhosingh


Damien Hirst Audi A1

Damien Hirst x Audi A1 for Elton Johns AIDS Foundation.jpeg

Love this Damien Hirst Audi A1 for Sir Elton John’s AIDS foundation. He spin-painted the completely drivable glossy A1 in his studio in Gloucestershire, England specifically for the auction. It came bundled together with a painting on canvas which he created at the same time. With a $524,000 bid, this is what the winner took home. Via Designboom

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