60, Unite for Children

Posted on October 22, 2007 Under Books

To commemorate its 60-year anniversary of fighting for children’s rights, UNICEF used its exceptional talent in organizing people for a worthy cause to gather the work of 60 renowned artists for a just-released anthology called 60, Unite for Children. Illustrators and graphic designers like Joshua Davis (who we’ll excitedly be featuring here soon in a SpearTalks), Tokidoki, The Ronin and Tara McPherson contributed interpretations of their world views to the 180-page tome, some of which the book’s website material warns are “abstract, others more explicit; some will be radiant, others dark and pessimistic.” In other words, this might not make a good b-day present for your little bookworm nephew. 60, Unite for Children kicks off a worldwide traveling exhibit for a year that will begin in November. There are only 2,000 copies of this book around, and all profits from the sale of book will go back to UNICEF. If you haven’t already donated to charity this year, buying this book is a great, alternative way to do it.