Abacus: Ballsy Watches

Posted on August 28, 2007 Under Fashion

If you’re looking to get some attention on the playground, I recommend an
Abacus, a German, Erich Lacher Watch Factory time-piece that presents time by the wavering position of a ball. Ignoring the fact that you may miss appointments by a few minutes thanks to the, um, interpretive visuals delivered by the watch, this thing may represent the most immature representation of time since the cookoo clock, a fact further solidified by the watches refusal to tell time until the wearer is perfectly still. Because the ball is controlled magnetically, movement restricts the ball from settling in the appropriate space — an aspect that may restrict the actual use of the watch to those who find time of little importance — but hey, could be worth it for a few laughs and gasps. Sweet; get one here.