ACL Wrap Up Part II

Posted on September 21, 2006 Under Music

Saturday's beautiful weather was not to be outdone, but the music continued on through the weekend with Sunday bringing more and more of what we had come to expect "“ amazing artist and passionate performances. The Shins were the first act we saw and even though we couldn't see very well the music rang perfectly in everyone's ears especially when they played "New Slang" for the masses to hum along to. Matisyahu really got the crowd going and exposed us to a lot of freestyles and new tunes, which we can't wait to get our hands on. But not to be outdone was the one and only Oklahoma's psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips. After seeing and meeting the oh so polite Wayne Coyne by his tour bus the Lips put on a show that, following the spirit of the dancing Santa's, giant alien and astronaut, and the Jetson-esque dressed ladies on stage, turned into more of a musical party than a rock show. We saw Austin's own, What Made Milwaukee Famous and Ghostland Observatory, and didn't miss the soothing blues of Ray Lamontagne, but we must say that without a doubt the best performance of the weekend had to be the instrumental rock of Explosions in the Sky! Watching from back stage we saw the crowd growing and getting larger with every passing minute until finally the sun had set and you could no longer see where the people ended and the night began, all that remained was the continuously flashing cameras. Even calling it perfect wouldn't do Mark, Michael, Munaf, and Chris's performance justice, but surely the chanting crowd, desiring only "One "“ More "“ Song" can lend an idea to the amazing music of the instrumental quartet that is Explosions in the Sky. Thanks to Munaf for letting us join in the wonderful experience! More pictures courtesy of Pentax after the jump!