Alex and Chloe: Black Diamonds

Posted on November 7, 2007 Under Travel

Alex and Chloe, our favorite line of un-boring jewelry, just released their latest collection of individualist-friendly neckwear. Sharply geometric and modern (in its mod-est sense), Black Diamonds features bold shapes in Alex and Chloe’s signature lucite, again incorporating elements like classic typefaces and minimalistic shapes to create something best described as “significantly badass.” Unlike seasons past, Black Diamonds currently offers none of the 14k gold goodness I get drool-y over — but, on a positive note, the gold from a few months ago is complacently timeless (14k Can Tab; I would have worn it in 6th grade, I would wear it today, and (depending on how awesome I wind up in my later years) I like to think I’ll rock it at Bingo matches to come). My personal favorites this time around are: Love is Dead, Alex’s Zero Carat Diamond in Black, and Bauhaus Paris (pictured), all of which are available in Alex and Chloe’s online shop.