There’s a reason jewelry is often passed down through generations, and it’s not merely because the price tag justifies millennia of use. Whether it’s because some jewelry hangs daringly close to our main means of expression (our faces), or just because so much time and energy can go into the purchase of a beautiful piece, a person’s jewelry represents them way more than, say, whatever jeans spring 2007 asks them to squeeze into. Therefore, my utmost concerns while shopping for ornaments are A.) The uniqueness of the piece, and B.) its quality. Yup, things get personal with jewelry– which is why a line like Alex and Chloe is a mouthful of fresh metal in a world asphyxiating on sterling silver, blue-box vomit. Their latest collection, appropriately titled From My Neck of the Woods, is slightly less rock-and-roll than seasons past (which, I might add, also deserve the highest of high fives; some of the last collections are still available and buckets better than anything I’ve seen elsewhere). Nature runs the show this time around (bones and all), but not without the indie/individualist flair that Alex and Chloe is known for. I’d be especially welcoming of this 14k gold Antler necklace and the pleasantly disgusting Cavity necklace into my family heirloom collection, but suffice to say the entire line would make an incredible and lasting addition to any jewelry box.