Alex and Chloe Take it Gold

Posted on September 6, 2007 Under Fashion

It looks like Alex and Chloe have posted a little bit of new product since the last time I checked their site, and while it’s certainly not an entire collection, I’ve still got to send you guys over to take a look — especially if you missed out on our first mention of the hard-rocking line of men’s and women’s jewelry. I already wanted this tooth necklace when it was oxidized silver, but now that they’re making it in solid 14k gold, I’m about ready to rip out a molar, hang it on a chain, spray paint it, then wear it until I can justifiably spend the $460 I’ll need to spend to get the real thing. Don’t be scared off by that price tag, though; Alex and Chloe makes their jewelry in a wide range of awesome metals/materials, making them as good a good stop for impulse shopping as a more carefully planned jewelry purchase. Be sure to check out the entire Coco is Dead line — it’s an oldie but a goody, and I’ve gotten more compliments on my “bullet holes” necklace than anything else I own…yet, anyway. The tooth’s gonna take over.