Alex + Chloe Sunglass Collection

Posted on May 14, 2008 Under Fashion

When Alex + Chloe formed in 2004, they found their inspiration in shadows and light and created their first collection to reflect this. Now, three collections later they have returned to their initial obsession, but this time they’re interpreting the concept in a more literal manner. Yep, they are making sunglasses. And even though these two jewelry designers could never disappoint us, we’re happy to report that they are completely bangin’. Pulling from the familiar shapes of the aviator and the wayfarer, the two sunnies in this initial collection mix classic shapes with non-traditional colors and detailing, and serve as a nice teaser to what we can hope from the pair in the future. From the two-tone frames to the French scribblings that spice up their insides, these babies are just another extension of what we’ve come to expect from Alex + Chloe: A little bit classic, a little bit rawk, and a little bit better than anything else out there. Shade up, readers; it’s bright out there.