Alex & Chloe x Kenzo Minami x Alex B x Christopher

Posted on September 18, 2008 Under Fashion

Sick of graphic tees? How about graphic tees — you know, shirts with things on them that are more art than everyday. More Paris than campus. More come hither than come again? Our favorite jewelry makers Alex and Chloe recently started carrying a selection of tees like that (and a few cardigans and hoodies), and while it did take me a hot second to move past the sticker shock, things progressed quite nicely from wha? to wow.

The shirts are designed by Kenzo Minami, Alex B. and Christopher, and happily enough, they’re all unisex. They’re also almost all worth a doubletake, which is increasingly rare in the tee biz these days. I pulled three of my favorites from their fairly largish collection, so if you like those, click on through. While you’re in the hood, be sure to check out their accessories collection if you’ve yet to experience it — we’ve been loving that stuff since… well, since gold was affordable.