Alice Wang's Sleep Inventions

Posted on June 30, 2008 Under Design

We've had some good debates on this site. Alice Wang was responsible for a good one over her concept audio sticks. Just to be extra clear this time around: Alice is an idea fountain. Her products are concepts that hopefully will one day become reality, but at present, are just concepts. That said, she has invented a couple new projects that deserve some attention.

Perfect Sleep: a reverse alarm clock to be programmed for how long you want to sleep instead of when you want to wake up. Keeping with her ideas on sleeping and waking, Wang has come up with a Tyrant alarm clock, which steals your mobile phone and makes random calls every three minutes until you get up. Really bad news if you keep ex-girlfriend's numbers in you mobile phone. Head over to Alice's site to see some more sleep related and non-sleep related concept inventions.