Alyssa Dee Krauss

Posted on December 20, 2007 Under Fashion

A piece of jewelry titled “Bandage for the Heart” doesn’t inspire something pretty. In fact, it mostly calls to mind something messy and complicated – like a natural disaster or divorce. However, it might be that Alyssa Dee Krauss‘s intention while designing this series of pins and rings was something that imperfect; something like pain paired with beauty in order to reflect the process of healing itself. Bandages for the Heart are bandaid shaped pins and rings, available in either 18k gold or sterling silver, that encase a garnet droplet. Symbolic and delicate, the pieces are emotional, meaningful, and iconic in their simplicity. In short, they are everything that good design should work to achieve. While Alyssa’s rings are currently sold out, you can find the pin (or inquire about the ring’s reproduction) here.