Posted on July 19, 2007 Under Food

Microgravity Enterprises sells products such as the AntiMatter energy drink and Space2O water. The company is based on "bringing space to earth", so basically flying the product to space and bringing it back down is special. Space2Oâ„¢ claims to have "spaceflown electrolytes" — although they aren't specified as being different from the ones we can get from water bottles that haven't penetrated the Earth's atmosphere. AntiMatter, the “world's first space energy drink” has a similar angle, but yet with such typical earthlike energy drink ingredients — but what I'm really left wondering is for such a "space age" company, how can they have such horrendous packaging? It's definitely out of this world that we are in an age where we can be suckered into thinking that just because something is transported it is transformed. If it looked good, at least it would have an excuse. Admittedly, I'm not usually this mean, but seriously. Space electrolytes? What are your thoughts?