ARTSPROJEKT x Zazzle Skateboards

Posted on August 29, 2008 Under Design

ARTSPROJEKT, a new online “interactive and culturally relevant online community for the arts, pop culture and action sports” has teamed up with print-on-demand company Zazzle to make high-tech, high-art skate decks. Some of the many artists and micro brands involved include: Lil Jon, Shepard Fairey / OBEY, Crooks & Castles, Blood Is The New Black, Angry Woebots, Alex Pardee, and Dalek.

Zazzle’s engineering team collaborated with Andy Howell to develop the decks, which are produced within 24 hours, a first for the industry. The decks can be ordered in a handful of sizes or as a complete board with veteran boarder-approved parts. Need more authentication?

“Skateboard graphics were one of the main things that inspired me to become an artist, so it goes without saying that I want my art to translate beautifully on skateboards,” said Shepard Fairey. “In the past, printing on a curved board surface had detail limitations or smudging could occur at the bends. The ARTSPROJEKT boards utilize new digital technology to create perfectly crisp graphics with impeccable detail.”

And from Alex Pardee: “I actually got to see first-hand this insane technology and the quality of the final printed deck, and I was blown away. It seriously was like looking at a Giclee print ON A SKATE DECK!”