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Andrea Enright:


Posted on September 27, 2006 Under Life

This non-profit movement allows you to purge unwanted items from your basement without the hassle of a garage sale or the expense of a classified ad. The trade-off is that you have to GIVE it away. The Freecycle Network was…

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Political Social Network: Essembly

Posted on September 27, 2006 Under Life

I love this "fiercely non-partisan" social network that allows politically-obsessed individuals to connect, communicate constructively and organize to take action. It's a chance to voice your opinion about controversial issues. A place that forces you to figure out what you…

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Christine Peloquin

Posted on September 19, 2006 Under Art

For those attracted to fresh textures, find some time to explore the work of Christine Peloquin, my personal favorite. Inspired by her French-Canadian ancestors who immigrated to work long hours at the textile mills during the industrial revolution, Christine claims…

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Tekkeon MyTalker

Posted on September 19, 2006 Under Gadgetry

It's tough to keep up with technology's treadmill--it just keeps on going. And here's another lightweight gadget, another cord, another attachment, another thing to worry about having stolen. But it's pretty darn handy for long trips. Essentially turning your MP3…

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Spencer Tunick

Posted on September 18, 2006 Under Art

American photographer Spencer Tunick has been taking pictures of nude people in public places since 1992, and apparently the mix of red, white and blue (it's really what our skin looks like!) hues all piled together hasn't given him any…

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Luxe Guides

Posted on September 18, 2006 Under Travel

With the biggest collection of cocky tag lines I've seen in a while, pocket-size Luxe Guides are very fond of themselves, but I can see why. Covering 16 cities in Asia and Australia, they claim to be the point where…

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The Hospitality Club

Posted on August 25, 2006 Under Travel

It sounds too good to be true. A system where accommodating souls across the seven continents volunteer to put you, a complete stranger, up for a night or two (and maybe even show you around town), in the interest of…

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What The Bleep Do We Know?

Posted on August 25, 2006 Under Art

That's not a typo. It's a film. And it entered our conscious minds a few years ago, but would you believe there are still people who haven't seen it (i.e. if you are one of these people, stop reading and…

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Sozopol: Bulgaria

Posted on August 24, 2006 Under Travel

For a bargain tropical breeze, a striking blend of cobblestones and bikinis and $20/night Black-sea-views, find your way to Sozopol on the coast in Bulgaria. This might be one of the best-fighting-to-be-kept secrets in Eastern Europe. Bulgarians will tell you…

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Posted on August 21, 2006 Under Gadgetry

For anyone who's traveled for more than a month, particularly across some remote deserts with no smelly Internet cafe in site, I'm sure you've cursed the digital world. While there are infinite advantages to that new CanonSD300 you just bought,…

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