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David Carvalho, also knows as Karpa, is a young Portugese artist and designer with a very pretty portfolio. Having worked for several design studios, including one of his own founding, David has used his diverse experience to develop a beautiful set of work for clients like Nike, Puma, and IdN Magazine. I really like the identity work he’s done for URB; head here to check it out.

Radiohead on Current TV

If the thought of another boozy New Years romp has lost its charm, here’s something that should help you spend the night in a less exaggerated, if not less exciting, manner. Current TV, the Emmy award-winning peer-to-peer news and information network, will be broadcasting a free, private performance of Radiohead’s In Rainbows in its entirety on New Years Eve. Showing on both the Current TV Network and the network’s website, the concert will give you an excuse to stay in that even your most dedicated drinking buddies should understand. If holing up isn’t part of your plans, have no fear — the concert will run again on New Years Day. That and a few bloody Mary’s and your hangover should be just about dealt with. Find broadcast times here.

SpearTalks: Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen found canvas when he dumped walls. It wasn’t a nasty breakup — their relationship had been long, experimental, and by anyone’s standards, a complete success — but for whatever reason, after almost 15 years of writing, the Danish artist dropped his spray can, picked up some acrylics, and got to work.

It’s a common story these days; a graf artist trades (with varying amounts of resolution) his sketchbook for a Macbook, his backpack for a studio, and his play for work. However, the commonality of this scenario is not what some people seem to find odd, but rather the commonality of success among those who make the transition. It is rarely easy to make a name in the art world, and it should be even harder if your genre of art is just beginning to be taken seriously, yet something about today’s post-writer transition makes for a more graceful process than one might expect. Maybe it’s that their work is so accessible, and maybe they’re just that talented, but in any case, they’re doing it, and they’re doing it well. Read on to see how one man is dealing with his own transition, his own development, and the current state of street art. You haven’t been painting your whole life "“ when did you first begin, and what did you do before you started?

Morten Andersen: It wasn’t until ’89, when I was in my early teens, that hip hop culture influenced me to find an outlet in writing graffiti to create and communicate things in a visual way. I started tagging for that specific cause (hip hop) I guess, because I didn’t actually know much about graffiti. I’m from the country — and that’s not where tags are found by the loads in Denmark — so inspiration from other writers was not there to make me start. I just needed something to keep my mind flowing with ideas and a tool to release them with.


Talk Shop Fridays: Merry Fugly Christmas!

Whelp, it’s the time of year when we all seem to be thinking the same thought… How the hell is it almost December twenty-&%@#$%!-fifth?

We’re thinking that just because it’s the season for sharing and all — and just in case someone put off their shopping until the last second possible — that it could be pretty interesting to hear what some of you will be sneaking under the tree tree this year. Did you carve a bust out of a huge chunk of fruitcake? Is his/her face going to look like the last five seconds of a DeBeers commercial? Were you already blessed with the worst present ever? Whether it’s sweet, funny, or totally effed up (Yes, I am cussing a lot today — I’m not done wrapping — I’m stressed out), we want to hear about it, so let ‘er rip – and then keep the person you’re giving the gift to completely away from Our lips are sealed!


Chicago/Minneapolis design studio Synthetic Infatuation just launched their new online shop, UNDONE, from which they are selling some of the things they do in their downtime. Currently offering posters and Synthetic Infatuation’s first issue of Morning (an 86-paged, screenprinted, arty masterpiece), UNDONE will hopefully grow to incorporate things like their Oh Aid cards (fingers crossed) and everything else that design studios with online stores like to sell. So, you know, t-shirts. And maybe a sticker or so. In the meantime, the posters that are currently filling UNDONE’s virtual shelves are pretty pretty — and Morning mostly knocks my socks off — so click here for the goods.

ADM Skateboards

ADM Skateboards is a new skate company bringing art, sport and philanthropy together. Founded when Ben Myers decided to reproduce some of his late brother’s painted skatedecks to raise money for a memorial fund, ADM quickly grew to a full product line of tees, decks and hoodies represented on both the East and West Coast. Using a business model that includes donating a portion of profits to drug awareness programs, skateboard park developments, and other positive non profits, the team at ADM plans to use their company to help expose young artists as well as make a difference. The team is also internally composed of young designers and artists, a characteristic that is already evident in their beautiful selection of maple decks. ADM is also hunting down new artists and riders to further represent the company, so if you want get on board, head here for the details.

Onitsuka Tiger x tokidoki

Next May, the beginning of a lengthy collaboration between tokidoki and Onitsuka Tiger will give fans of both companies something to blog about. A blend of Italian artist Simone Legno’s modern characters and Onitsuka Tiger’s popular footwear, the two year-long collaboration will result in a steady stream of tokidoki love (that’s already been flying around like the herp, but we’re not gonna stop it) and will help both companies further spread the gospel of modern Japanese art. As far as I can tell, this will be the first athletic shoe collab for tokidoki (though they did some good work with Italy’s Fornarina earlier this year), so high fives to both companies for locking down something so rockin’. News of this pairing should be flying all over the internets in no time at all, but we recommend keeping your eyes here for the most up to date info.

Qubo Gas Limited Editions

French artist group Qubo gas has some brand new and beautiful prints for grabs in their online store, Smalticolor. In addition to their newest prints, Smalticolor offers silkscreens, posters and smaller goodies in range of prices, making nabbing one of their pretty pieces extra hard to resist. Copies of “Baover Tit,” Qubo gas’s interactive animation that won first place at Italy’s Netmage festival in 2001, are also available on the site for under fifty dollars, so if you’re a fan of digital art be sure to give them a look.

Alyssa Dee Krauss

A piece of jewelry titled “Bandage for the Heart” doesn’t inspire something pretty. In fact, it mostly calls to mind something messy and complicated – like a natural disaster or divorce. However, it might be that Alyssa Dee Krauss‘s intention while designing this series of pins and rings was something that imperfect; something like pain paired with beauty in order to reflect the process of healing itself. Bandages for the Heart are bandaid shaped pins and rings, available in either 18k gold or sterling silver, that encase a garnet droplet. Symbolic and delicate, the pieces are emotional, meaningful, and iconic in their simplicity. In short, they are everything that good design should work to achieve. While Alyssa’s rings are currently sold out, you can find the pin (or inquire about the ring’s reproduction) here.


Daft Punk x Bearbrick Boxed Set

Word just landed that Bearbrick is doing a collab with Fossil — which is, well, interesting — but word also just landed that a more exciting example of art toy teamwork has recently hit the shelves. The Japanese version of Daft Punk’s latest album, ALIVE, is selling on Sold Out as an exclusive collette & Sold Out box set. Accompanied by two Daft Punk-y Bearbricks (that are not in their underwear or covered in sharpie, but do represent Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo), the set might just represent the best holiday present for the music/toy junkie in your life ever. You can grab one for just under $73 here, but be sure to jump on it fast – the set was produced in a limited run of 3000, and somehow I get the feeling that Daft Punk has a few more fans than that.

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