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Katrin Sonnleitner

Katrin Sonnleitner plays with objects, spaces, and existing ideas in order to find unexpected interpretations of the familiar. Based in Germany, Katrin’s concepts pull from ordinary and universal entities, deconstruct past notions, and finally deliver something new – something like The Puzzleperser, a rug-slash-puzzle made from recyclable synthetic and natural rubber and synthetic fibers. The Puzzleperser (shown) looks like a Persian rug when assembled, but requires the work and interpretation of the builder for it to function as such. Other objects by Katrin that similarly behave include the Immobel, a collapsible table that offers strange storage options, and the po*od, a translucent modular paravent that allows the user to play with both light and space. Katrin is available for space, project, and object development, so if complex concepts are your deconstructed cup of plant life, head here for the full run down.

Go Media

Not many of us are open-minded enough to even wonder if NFL kicker Morten Andersen could be living a double life as a successful artist in Denmark – but it was still sweet of Oliver to point out the clear distinction between the two men. It was also pretty sweet of him to link his comment to a site of his own choosing — and while we’re not sure if he works there, wishes he worked there, or just made up some random site and it just happened to take us somewhere awesome, we need to send Oliver a “Thank ya!” for pointing us in the direction of Go Media, an Ohio design art and design studio that’s been turning out some incredible work for clients like Pepsi, Virgin and Funkrush. While they have the kind of portfolio I feel a little stupid blathering over (I get the vibe that they’re already a big deal and are in no need of my internet high five-ing) I had to mention them because they have one huge strong point that other design firms sometimes struggle with: apparel design. The shirts that they’ve been designing for clients like Jedediah, Bridge and Tunnel, and GRN Apple Tree are so good that they’re actually putting apparel brands to shame. Here’s to the team at Go Media (which, hopefully, includes Oliver) for getting it done.

Morten Andersen

We can thank our buds at joyengine for introducing us to Morten Andersen, a Denmark-based urban artist whose brightly abstract paintings are finally starting to pop up in U.S. galleries. Working from an intense obsession with color, Morten’s acrylic paintings blend shapes, lines and colors into works resulting in something much more emotional than classically abstract artwork — a characteristic that appropriately demonstrates Morten’s own relationship with his occupation. I haven’t had the opportunity to see any of his work in person, but if you’re an east coaster you’ll find some of his work at Art Whino in DC. West coast residents are currently at the mercy of Morten’s website and myspace page, but rumors of a joyengine opening are flying, so keep yourself in the loop here.

Jesse Hora x Adidas

Spear Collective member and pal Jesse Hora has been hard at work creating some great illustration work for Adidas, and if you live in one of twelve major US cities, you’ll finally have the have to opportunity to check out some of Jesse’s work up close. In fact, it might be tough to get away from it, as his artwork will be covering everything from walls to bags and holiday boxes. Each Adidas location, which includes stores in places like SoHo, Berkley, Miami and Chicago, received a different grouping of illustrations, making each stores design a little different (and making Hora one busy guy). Check out all of his illustrations here.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, is an online gallery with an incredible selection of unique and vintage furniture pieces. Featuring a full collection of lighting, seating, shelving, and art objects that are hand collected by the shops curators, this online store features significant and beautiful items in great condition (like DF2000 cabinets by Raymond Ioewy). Other current standouts in their selection include 60′s conference tables, an incredible 70′s Flower Ball floor lamp composed of metal-edged mother-of-pearl petals (shown), and an original Max Sauze cassiope hanging light. doesn’t sell copies or reproductions, so if you collect original furniture (or if it just makes you a little weak at the knees) be sure to check this site first!

SpearTalks: Joshua Davis

If you consider yourself a graphic designer, you’ve probably heard of Joshua Davis. As one of the first adopters of Flash, a significant new media artist, an author, and one of the design world's weightiest members, Joshua Davis is a name that rolls off many tongues during discussions regarding progression, experimentation, and development. A pioneer in the word's most technological sense, Joshua has never been one to find a niche and stick with it, instead choosing to find what's next — or in what's often his case, to create it. We chatted with Joshua about things like Praystation, philosophy, and his plans for the future, and wound up feeling a little bit like we do when we look at one of his mathematically composed graphics. In other words: utterly enthralled. For our readers who aren't as familiar with your background, can you give us a brief rundown of your life up until today?

Joshua Davis: My name is Joshua Davis, born 1971 in San Diego, California, moved to Littleton, Colorado where I pretty much grew up. I had always been interested in art and in high school I entered a statewide competition and took second place in the state for painting. After spending ’89, ’90 in Huntington Beach, California skateboarding and ’91, ’92 moving back to Colorado living in Frisco to do some snowboarding, I moved to New York in November 1992 and eventually attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. At Pratt I worked on Design and Illustration and through fellow classmates got into working on the web in 1995 (Netscape 1.1). When Netscape 3 was released (at the end of 1996) I had a moment of clarity to use technology and the web to create my work. 13 years later I run Joshua Davis Studios where I use design and technology to create work for corporate clients, private collectors, galleries, museums, and personal exploration.


New Young Lovers

Australian street label Young Lovers has just launched it’s third collection of limited edition tees, and just like seasons before, their slightly kooky, run-of-100 shirts are well worth the overseas shipping rate. Dubbed MIDNIGHT TWILIGHT, the new series “celebrates the madness of midnight love” (an apparent reference to what happens when grown ups hit the pillows and kids take over the world) and features plenty of tongue-in-cheek Aussie sass. Even though we’re pretty crazy about Young Lover’s graphics, our number one favorite thing about the company is their commitment to small batches of great tees, so if you know or someone you know thinks that’s as awesome as we do, head here to see what you can find.

Triko Holiday 07

Triko, Hector Estrada’s New York-based line of street wear, has finally released their Holiday 2007 Collection. Featuring sweaters, woven shirts, hoodies, tees, and one very limited edition track jacket, the collection offers more of the soul-infused style that that we’ve come to love with plenty of original plaids, graphics, and a little bit of environmental consideration. It doesn’t seem like Triko has updated their online store with the new products yet, but until that happens, you can browse pics and build your wishlist here.


COCO&Co is the design firm of three Frenchman. French is not my strong point, so for me to delve too deep into exactly what they’re doing is risky. However, it is safe to say that how they’re doing it appears to be working for them, because their product designs and personal projects are beautiful. Case in point: The Akita and the Cubical (shown), two lighting/furniture objects that are for once as pretty turned off as they are turned on. Also worth lusting over (if you’re the type who likes children’s toys) is the Smoby, a kid’s kitchen whose modern design makes me as jealous for the actual stove top as it does for playtime. Look at more pictures (and learn more, if you speak French) here.

TLM Holiday Giveaway

Something about Art Basel must have left our pals at The Love Movement feeling extra goobery, because the crew of L.A. based artists have put together another super nice holiday giveaway to say thanks for the past year. Included in the loot are hand screenprints, TLM tee shirts, Yo! What Happened to Peace? books, and even a few art pieces from their past gallery shows. All you have to do to get in on the love is watch this video to figure out want you want the most, then shoot an email here with your address, a list of your top three choices, and something nice you did this year. TLM will do what they can to get as many goodies out there as possible, but I’m assuming your odds are higher if you hit them up soon, so get moving!

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