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Icebreaker FW10 Outerwear

Posted on August 24, 2010 Under Fashion

Icebreaker, the eco-conscious performance wear company from New Zealand have really outdone themselves for their FW10 line. Taking some risks and focusing on their outerwear line, which I feel has been neglected in the past, they are set to launch…

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Rapha x Ridley Scott Associates

Posted on August 13, 2010 Under Art

Over the course of the next three Fridays, Rapha will be screening three exciting films created by Ridley Scott Associates to highlight the Rapha Club Jersey's from the Summer 2010 line. The first movie (Throw of the Dice) focuses on…

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Noodler’s Ink Company

Posted on July 23, 2010 Under Design

Picture by OfficeSupplyGeek As a young professional, I am already interested in the finer things in life (food, watches, etc), so it was not a stretch to reconsider the pen I was using. I have a legal pad or a…

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Suite Arrival

Posted on May 31, 2010 Under Travel

Last year, Michael Lewis found himself traveling quite frequently from New Jersey to Santa Barbara, CA. You see, as the Director of Product Development for a tech company that was being acquired by a west coast SAS company, trips to…

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Converse x Number Nine

Posted on March 12, 2010 Under Fashion

At the risk of possibly alienating it's original laid back and casual customer base, Converse has gained tremendous credibility in high(er) end streetwear in recent years through its well planned and executed collaborations. The most recent pairing has the Nike…

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Osprey Hydraulics

Posted on March 2, 2010 Under Travel

I own a number of packs for a variety of pursuits and they all have hydration support. What this usually means is a compartment for a bladder and on the higher end packs, elastic bands for tube routing. That's really…

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Outdoor Research Fanatic Jacket

Posted on February 1, 2010 Under Fashion

I love love love technical gear, especially jackets. Many might find this surprising since I've lived in California my whole life and our idea of a storm here is probably a walk in the park on the East coast. Regardless,…

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Nexus One Hands On Review

Posted on January 7, 2010 Under Gadgetry

By now you're probably inundated by news of the Nexus One, an HTC built phone that many dubbed the Google Phone. The Mountain View company stayed true to their word and while they did not manufacture the phone, it is…

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Google Nexus One

Posted on January 5, 2010 Under Gadgetry

As you read this, Google is holding a press conference at their Mountain View headquarters to announce the Nexus One, a phone that many feel is the first true arrival of what the Android OS was meant to be. The…

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Parkour Motion Reel

Posted on January 4, 2010 Under Art

With films like Avatar demonstrating next-generation special effects, there is something so innately appealing and mesmerizing about using old (traditional) basic materials in new an innovative ways. Take this motion reel video which takes a simple concept we all remember…

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