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Arcade Coat Hooks

We miss arcades. Mainly because they were a great place for scoping hot guys and eating massive amounts of sugar. But now, we can relive those moments — home decor style — with Surface Tension’s HangUP Arcade Coat Hooks. The wall-mountable organizer comes on the sneaker-clad heels of their modern arcade table and allows you to show off your geekiness without looking like a total nerd. Though the standard designs feature four sticks and the 3-player or 4-player button, but you can choose from a variety of colors and 1 and 2-player buttons are available options as are a variety of backdrops if black walnut is just not your thing.

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Felix Populi

When looking good and doing good come together, we at Josh Spear are happy. In this case, this feel goodness is being brought to you by a fictional character and her store. In 1998, Ben Sander conceived of Brini Maxwell, a British woman who is “part Doris Day, part Mary Tyler Moore,” and had her share retro domestic knowledge via an NYC cable access show – which was picked up for a time by the Style Network. And recently, Ben had the idea to have Maxwell launch her own company, Felix Populi.

Coasters, aprons, and dishtowels produced by Felix Populi are mostly available in cheery, bold colors. However, the fictional Brit has also designed a mod-inspired line of pillows that features the designs of a rotary phone, a VW bug, an LP, and the face of Maxwell herself. Even better, each month Felix Populi gives 10 percent of their profits to charity. This month, it’s MANNA, a Philly-based organization that delivers food to those who have life-threatening illnesses. So shop happy.

Skate Obama

Last year, you sported Obama tees, held BBQs at your pad to get likeminded voters together, and threw a giant party on election night – with extra champagne on hand to drown your sorrows should the other guy win. But all of that is passe now that Obama is just days from being inaugurated, so you’ve got to find a new way to show your support. We think this skateboard will do the trick. Designed by illustrator Oliver Barrett of Go Media, this board that has been emblazoned with the President-elect’s mug serves as both wall art or, if you don’t mind a few scratches, your Democratic transportation around town. If you want it, snag it quick, because like tickets to the Inauguration, these 800 decks will go fast.

Chris Hornbecker: 1mm a Day

Recently, photographer Chris Hornbecker celebrated the one-year anniversary of the start of his personal project: 1 Millimeter a Day. For every day of 2008, this professional photographer — whose work you’ve seen in ads for Nike, W+K, and EA — shot an image with a focal length that was one millimeter longer than the one he shot the day before. Most of Hornbecker’s photographs, which began at 14mm, within this project were taken outdoors and play with light and perspective. One of our favorites is a sensual, layered, black-and-white image or the rain. Hornbecker will finish his project when his lens reaches its maximum adjustment at 400mm on the 22nd. We’re eager to find out what he’s got planned next.

Speck Cases

If you’re positively giddy about the new iTunes pricing, then you’ll probably also be excited to hear that Speck has unveiled a four new cases to hold and protect that pricey notebook of yours from the elements – including your klutzy roommate. Need to carry your computer like a turtle? Opt for the AftPack. Need to present yourself with as streamlined and ready for business? Then the PortPack or CorePack is what you want. Merely need to put your notebook to sleep in a soft, comfy blanket? Snag the Tuckpack (pictured above). Already have a laptop sleeve? Well, good on ya.

Cameesa + AshiDashi

AshiDashi makes what are probably some of the coolest socks we’ve ever seen. They even have socks that look like meat! And for Chrismukkah, apparel site Cameesa is teaming up with them. Artists are encouraged to submit designs, and Cameesa pays them cash money for every shirt sold. The result is an excellent lineup of shirts and the ability to pay artists a reasonable price for their work. For a limited time, Cameesa is bundling GodMachine‘s twisted T-shirt design of a plucked out eye-and-crossbones with AshiDashi’s comfy socks featuring the intestine design, so you or someone you love can gross out friends and relatives all during the holidays.

Giggle Wrap x Spaghetti and Meatballs

Remember the grass gift wrap we featured back in February? It looks like the jolly team behind Giggle Wrap are back, this time with spaghetti-and-meatballs themed paper that — if we didn’t know better — might just try to munch on. The design was inspired by those long ago days when Giggle Wrap’s creator, Kristian Cruz, would “race against my brothers to get the biggest meatball on the table.” It looks like you’re going to have to do the same if you want to get your hands on one of these sheets: only 500 packs, holding two sheets of 18×24″ paper have been printed. So, if you’ve got a particularly boring present that’s got to be covered, or just want to freak out your neat freak brother, swaddle your gift in this and toss it their way.

Jamie Burress x Pac Man Mirror

If you’re looking for the perfect retro-gift for that special pellet-obsessed person in your life, take a glance at Jamie Burress’s Pac-Man fused glass mirror. Though it isn’t large (only 12 inches at it’s widest point) the glossy glass mirror features both Pac-Man and feminist hero Ms. Pac-Man, as well as four of those intolerable ghosties! If Burress has sold the one-off item by the time you check out her Etsy site, search around and you’re likely to find one of her other glass works featuring such subjects as anatomical organs, cupcakes, and George W. Bush for sale.

Hamburger Panda

Last time you saw an animal frozen in time you were probably either at the Museum of Natural History or a Damien Hearst exhibit. But the designs of San Franciscan illustrator Cindy Yu — perhaps better known in the Esty world as HamburgerPanda — walk more on the line of cute than eccentric. There are ponies captured in jars and bears frozen in popsicles, but our personal favorite is the menacing baconfish that trolls the seas looking for heart disease-prone victims.

Gift Guide: Cell Phones

Blackberry Storm: Buy It ($199)
We love the touchscreen functionality of the iPhone, but we’re still not floored by its usability when it comes to email or texting. Blackberry‘s newest phone gives us that ability to get tactile with our phone but also features a haptic keyboard that makes sending coherent texts that much easier.

T-Mobile G1: Buy It ($179)
Google’s first phone is geared for those who are pathologically undecided. The phone – which comes in bronze, black, and white and runs on Google’s open-source Android system – features both a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard (a touchscreen keyboard is coming early next year) that slides out. As a result, it’s just a glorified Sidekick that’s still kind of glorious.

Foof Cases: Read JS Review | Buy It ($13)
These cases come in a variety of gorgeous fabrics and protect your phone by holding it snug and wrapping it in satin. We’re totally jealous of our phone. They’re also available for your other portable Mac items.

Speck Cases: Read JS Review | Buy It ($30)
They offer a wide range of designs, but their newest are so preppy they make us want to rename ourselves Muffy and go play some croquet — in a totally non-judgmental way.

Jawbone Bluetooth Accessory: Read JS Review | Buy It ($130)
You may be a Bluetool, but you don’t have to look like one all the time — at least not with the sleek device that’s also incredible at eliminating background noise. Ok, so you still look like a tool, but if it’s between sounding good and looking good…

Incase x Parra iPhone Case: Read JS Review | Buy It ($60)
Stay protected, stay sexy, and grab a colorful — but expensive — hardshell case produced by Dutch artist Parra for reliable manufacturer Incase. Our phone gets to stay safe and we get to enjoy the acid flashbacks.

Hulger Handsets: Read JS Review | Buy It ($40 – $190)
Sometimes we long for those good old days of ginormous handsets. Hulger captures our nostalgia by wirelessly connecting or plugging a nice chunky receiver into our cellphone or our PC to chat via Skype.

Brian Eno x Bloom iPhone App: Read JS Review | Buy It ($4)
Coutesy of Brian Eno, Bloom lets you create sounds and images just by touching your screen. It also features nine mood settings — though we don’t think holiday stress is one of them.

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