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8-bit Trip

We have quite an affinity for those with affection for the sounds of our gaming past. Even more so when that blast of 8-bit aural goodness is accompanied by a visual feast centered around another one of our childhood favorites, Lego. 8-bit Trip, a video from unsigned Swedish pop outfit rymdreglage goes totally Gondry on us with ever-so enticing results. The action is a roller coaster of karate chopping, eye-popping goodness mixed with doses of pac man and general gaming fever. It’s truly a sight to behold.

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Jeremiah Palecek x Art Remix

Czech Painter Jeremiah Palecek has caught our attention on two previous occasions with his knack for turning familiar images from the Web into physical manifestations with just a few fancy brushstrokes. In keeping with that theme, Palecek’s latest project turns away from chiefly Web-based subjects as he lends his deft stroke to revamping previously submitted works from the Creative Commons, adding or altering elements to public domain paintings, and then resubmitting them back from whence they came. It’s like the painter’s version of the remix and it’s ever so eye-catching. The one featured (left) is an oil on canvas work called Cowboy Portal. The one next to it? You guessed it: Obama Riding a Mastodon.

Radius x Tree of Charge

Trees play an important role in Mother Nature, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, which keeps us alive. So it sort of makes sense that when looking for something to keep our vital electronics alive, we might just turn to something that already has this job. Enter Radius’ Tree of Charge, an inventive sample of fake forestry that can serve as an electrical root for everything from you cell phone to your iPod, while leaving plenty of branches to hang any other knickknacks you just can’t live without.

Via swissmiss

Camouflage Toolbox

The proper case is a vital part of keeping your tools in top condition, so store them with military precision in this Camouflage Toolbox by Alice Supply Co. Blend in with your surroundings to effectively wage war on loose screws, leaky faucets and protruding nails — you never know when you’ll need to take that arsenal of wrenches, hammers, and wingnuts into the home improvement jungle. And if you’re ever forced to go behind enemy lines with just a ball-peen hammer and nerves of steel, you’ll be ready.

Ji Lee: 10 Levels of Intimacy

The digital age has changed the ways in which we share our most important opinions and innermost secrets. The latter are usually reserved for our closest of acquaintances, but we don’t necessarily use the most personal approach to broach these delicate details. The combination of technology and weight of information has given us new rules for just how to break the news. Ji Lee‘s 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication is both an interesting and absurd display of the redefinition and possible redistribution of how we continue on with our most cherished connections.

Jolby and Friends &1: Everyday Shenanigans

0b092e73320567f808d471e1775e64ed.jpg c5fe0df08015bb9d9350e1947ec22d46.jpg

Josh Kenyon and Jolby. They continue their proud tradition of making our jaw drop this month with a new Zine and accompanying art exhibit entitled “&1: Everyday Shenanigans.” You can tell by the title that -despite their serious talent- this collection of mustaches, monsters, and plenty more where that came from, is more boisterous than serious. That sense of amusement makes it all the more worth our consideration and your consideration. Should you happen to be in Portland, OR on August 7th, we heartily recommend showing your appreciation in person by popping into the exhibit opening at Artful Goods from 5-8pm for a heaping helping of good-natured nonsense.

Stretch Shelves



Most shelving units lend a sort of rigid organizational structure to those things you need to store within plain sight. Unfortunately, when things get tight you’re often forced to cram your belongings into that confined space for results that are none too pretty. Rather than impose structural limitations on your personal storage space, why not remain a tad bit flexible by employing the use of the ever-so playful Stretch Shelves. These aesthetically pleasing shelves designed by Pete Oyler are comprised of a vivid assortment of ultra-sized rubber bands wrapped around aluminum pegs that are as agreeable to the eye as they are to your compartment quandary.

Via Swiss Miss (Credit where credit is due…!)

Think Outside The Parking Box Competition

designboomparkingbox4.jpgThe parking landscape of the urban jungle can often be rather dull. Those who have the need to keep their speedy vehicles within reach at all times are forced to maneuver their esteemed automobile in between layers of drab cement akin to the area where someone might be held for committing twelve counts of computer fraud. Rather than allowing your mean machine to languish in a prison cell for three to five, the fine folks at designboom and Nissan want to see you do something about it. Namely, they want you to come up with a better home for those brave little engines that could. Their Think Outside the Parking Box International Design Competition asks you (the reader and designer extraordinaire that you are) to “reinvent conventional ideas of urban parking.” Yes, they’re looking for a few good ideas, whether it’s a super robot with giant arms that gently places your car down in the suburbs or a simple garage that converts your carbon monoxide emissions into flowers. It’s up to you, but you’ve only got until September 27th to enter. So get a move on.

Reflect: by Joshua Davis x Sideways Mobile

reflect.jpgreflect2.jpgMost people with any sort of artistic impulse don’t reserve their urge to create for when they’re seated in front of a canvas or holding their pen and sketchbook. The drive to innovate can strike at any moment and can be realized by the use of any number of resources. Last but certainly not least on that list of instruments susceptible for giving birth to the mother of invention is the iPhone. Reflect, A new app from our good friend/web design guru Joshua Davis and Sideways Mobile, encourages users to explore their spontaneous leanings by entering the universe of algorithmic art from the safety of their own cellular device. By giving users the power to “produce random, generative pieces, and then view them in a Kaleidoscopic filter” the iPhone turns into it’s own portable art gallery where the walls are covered with the whimsical wonders of your warped imagination…which is sort of a change from your usual, more practical iphone apps; though a whole lot more fun.

Neolithic Knives


The tools we use in our every day lives have come a long way since the time of early man. Jagged rocks fashioned into crude shapes and surfaces ideal for jabbing into fleshy substances just don’t seem like they would fly for kitchen knives nowadays. Or would they? Neolithic Knives, a new creation for Bond by NYC based designer Matthias Kaeding is a striking homage to the instruments of the new stone age made slightly more convenient for today’s kitchen commanders. These sleek ceramic instruments bring a more salt of the earth appeal to the acts of smashing, slicing, dicing, chopping, and scooping up ingredients in your meal preparation. While we’re not sure if it’s just as easy as whipping out the ginsu, it’ll probably give you enough of a sense of accomplishment once you’ve managed to mince an entire onion that you’ll have no choice to let out a hearty grunt reminiscent of your evolutionary ancestors.

Via designboom

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