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Get Married in the Lower East Side


Weddings can be extremely expensive, time consuming affairs. Couples sometimes spend over a year planning every last detail of their nuptials. Often times the worry associated with such painstaking detail from whether the DJ has the right version of “It Had To Be You” to the dairy-free icing on the seven-layer cake, zaps the romance right out of the big day. In the interest of preserving your special moment and not going through all that fuss, NYC’s Grand Opening storefront (Same place that had Pong in the LES) on the Lower East Side has a simple solution., just tie the knot at their space. This July, their “Wedding Chapel” will be the ideal spot for couples looking to save some loot, but not skimp on that whole love thing. They offer the services of an ordained minister, room for up to 20 guests, not to mention live web streaming of your “I dos.” If that’s not enough, a staff photographer will handle your official pics set up against any number of backdrops of places where you dreamed of tying the knot. They’ve already started raising funds and taking bookings for this summer’s lineup of wedded bliss. If you want to be included, you best get a move on, because true love doesn’t always wait.

SpiN New York


Along with the calm quiet of living in the countryside, suburban life is often accompanied by perks such as a standard issue country club membership and golf courses as far as the eye can see. But what happens when the spawn of suburbia makes their way to the big city. Where will they go to engage in sport and spectacle in a city without rolling green hills that end in putting greens? Fear not, for the hottest urban sport for the fancy set doesn’t need no stinkin’ fairways. Table tennis is all the rage these days, and SpiN New York is about to be the hottest new social spot for the sport. The idea that sprung from Naked Ping Pong’s SOHO loft party is now a fully operational recreational sporting venue complete with a 9,000 square foot room with 15 state-of-the-art tables, locker rooms, a pro shop, not to mention a bar and lounge area for your relaxation needs. Everyone from the celebrity set to those who simply love to play are ponying up for memberships to this club with a ritzy Park Avenue address in NYC’s Flatiron District set to open later in June. While initially only accessible by members, the public will be able to get their ping pong on in virtually no time for a price.

Baileys: Listen To Your Lips


If you had to compile a list of the top body parts that we human beings tend to listen to, the first two slots on that list would undoubtedly belong to our heads and our hearts with our bladders and stomachs rounding out the third and fourth spot. The folks behind the Baileys Irish Cream brand are hoping their new ad campaign will allow "your lips" to ease into one of those top spots. To show off how they might just change the order of organs we so trust, Baileys invited us along to get an exclusive look at the filming of their new spots helmed by Icelandic director Borkur, in London last week.

The "Listen To Your Lips" campaign created in concert with JWT’s London Office is an attempt to change the way the public views the Bailey's brand. According to JWT's Creative Director Hugh Todd, current drinkers have long thought of the tasty liqueur in terms of both Christmas-time or coffee-time, rather than an enjoyable anytime beverage for the of age. While not an attempt to change the culture of their drink altogether, the idea behind their new set of adverts is to encourage flavorful alcohol enthusiasts that it's okay to get an urge for Bailey's even when there's no java or Douglas fir around.

So just how did they attempt to get that point across? Well, the miracle of the pop hook plays a big role. The three ads bring us to the three distinct settings of a bar, an apartment, and a rooftop. Each situation is beautifully paired with it's own impossibly infectious tune getting the sing-along treatment from a sufficiently sexy set of smackers. The idea ultimately equates the sudden thought of drinking a Bailey's Irish Cream with the undeniable impulse one gets to sing along with the chorus of their favorite ditty. The idea of drinking a Bailey's on ice or in any form becomes catchy rather than seasonal. The campaign also eschews the traditional sense of narrative to allow the viewer to fill in their own blanks and figure out how the spots relate to them instead of forcing a situation where
they find little to no common ground.

Judging by the action we surveyed on set with close ups on luscious lips karaoke-ing in unison with incredibly addictive tunes, JWT and commercials on their hands. We expect that they'll soon have lips around the world humming their tune and drinking their kool-aid"¦or Irish Cream. The ads in question are set to start making waves internationally in late July. Hopefully, we’ll be able give you an exclusive sneak peak before that to whet your appetite. If you’re interested check out some more pictures after the jump…


Tweeting Too Hard


Of the chief complaints of those who fail to see the usefulness of the Twitter, the most frequently noted has to do with the amount of self important updates one has to sift through to find anything of meaning in their daily stream. We can’t totally disagree, when constantly updated minutia comes into play, uselessness is bound to rear its ugly head. Unfortunately, if you’re amongst the many who has ever felt the need to pat yourself on the back via the popular micro-blogging format, you now run the risk of being pegged as someone who may be Tweeting Too Hard. The website of the same name, operates more or less in the same vein as Texts from Last Night, taking the best of the worst in the Twittersphere and putting it on display for an often times maddeningly hilarious read. A brief scan through the site is glowing proof that some things are better left unsaid…or untwote.

Win In China

Capitalism was long seen as a dirty word in the far eastern reaches of the globe, but in lieu of their own Market revolution China serves as a beacon of commerce and industry the world over where new heroes are emerging in the form of entrepreneurs. One such avenue for the country’s burgeoning business minds to get their big break is via the world’s largest, most lucrative business plan competition otherwise known as CCTV’s Chinese game show, Ying Zai Zhong Guo. Win In China, a documentary produced by Ole Schell and Robert Compton, takes an in depth look at the show’s contestants plucked from an eager crowd of 120,000 impresarios to vie for over $5 Million in investment capital. The film also takes an in depth look at the industrial transformation of the world’s most populous nation as it occurred over the past 30 years, as well as it’s cultural impact. If all of this sounds as enthralling to you as it does to us, we suggest grabbing your tickets for the film’s world premiere taking place June 2nd at New York’s Asia Society. The screening will be preceded by a short talk between Orville Schell, Director of the Center on US-China Relations, and the film’s producers.

Furniture Typeface


Practicing Feng Shui (shameless plug for my fathers book) is but one way of expressing oneself and opening up your life through the arrangement of furniture. If you’re not in possession of someone to help you move that weighty bookshelf across the room to a more satisfactory spot that enhances your chi, you could probably be content with another way altogether of using furniture to express yourself. Thankfully, Austin-based designer Cody Haltom’s Furniture typeface allows for the perfect marriage of both verbal and design expression of your inner being. Whether you’d like to craft a passive-aggressive message to your roommate for not being around to help you move said bookshelf or just want to bring a nice home-y feel to your words, this impressive typographical display could certainly do the trick.

The agency that created this work was The Butler Bro’s, and apparently Cody was a designer on the project.

Soap Knuckles


Any job well done requires getting your hands just a little dirty. Unfortunately, the soiling of one’s digits is usually followed by a fierce bout of scrubbing that doesn’t always remove the grit and grime to it’s desired effect. If your maximum amount of elbow grease isn’t up to the task, perhaps you should up your intimidation factor and show that sludge what might happen if it doesn’t take notice of who’s boss. Harlem-based design company Spye has just the thing to send quite a fright through your filthy fingertips. Their soap knuckles cast from the genuine brass kind and made from all natural glycerin soap are sure to make that which is unclean glow anew with a sparkly shine…or else.

smart Fortwo Test Drive


Being a site widely considered ahead of the curve on both the tech and eco-friendly front has it benefits. One of those perks manifested itself towards the end of last week when we were invited to an exclusive pow-wow with smart USA President Dave Schembri, which included our own smart fortwo test drive. Before hitting the road, however, Mr. Schembri was kind enough to share some interesting tidbits about the company and give an overall update on the state of burgeoning branch of the Daimler automotive family via a question and answer session. (more…)

powerHouse Magazine Issue 5: Busted Exhibition

Being up to no good entails a sort of madness and inspiration that often goes hand in hand with making great art. Sure nefarious leanings often lead to a fall in the wrong direction, but sometimes that’s half the fun. In celebration of things that go so wrong, they just have to be right, powerHouse magazine is hosting a show in conjunction with the release of their fifth issue entitled, Busted. The exhibit runs from May 26th until June 21st and features not so innocent, but certainly excellent work by the likes of Keiji Ando, ONE9 and Derek Erdman, amongst others; all of which take a peek at all the things that go awry when you’re not exactly operating with the best of intentions. If you find yourself aching to do something undesirable on May 28th, we suggest you curb that negativity by making it to the opening reception from 7-9pm at the powerhouseArena on 37 Main Street in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, but you might want to RSVP first to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. (Big poster after the jump.)


Fossils of the Future

No one at Pompeii expected to have their civilization snuffed out in a hail of lava and ash, but when their remnants were finally excavated some 1700 years later archaeologists found of wealth of material that told the story of how they had lived. Even though our superior scientific technology does a much better job of preparing us for disasters, there’s really no telling when the big one will come and “preserve” us all. When future generations discover us, what sort of life instruments will they find to tell our tale? Artist Christopher Locke has somewhat of an idea, his modern fossils preserve our video game loving, boom box blasting heritage in stone. While future generations may not actually be able to play kickin’ cassette tapes on a ghetto blaster or witness Mario putting the pedal to the metal in his “Kart” they can at least take comfort in finding we were courteous enough preserve the form of our favorite gadgets in a nice stone package all the while still continuing our wave of electronic innovation and waiting for mother nature’s other shoe to drop.

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