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Heather Snodgrass:

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

Posted on September 11, 2008 Under Design

The kitchen at my office freaks me out. It's not that there's ever a shortage of spoons or bowls (or free coffee or toast, for that matter) but there's someone who doesn't understand that dirty dishes don't go in a…

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Posted on September 11, 2008 Under Life

Recently launched Causecast "brings together nonprofits, community leaders, activists, celebrities and brands, with the goal of making a positive impact on the world." Working with hand-selected charities and non-profits, Causecast is giving some much-deserved internet exposure to organizations who may…

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Ponoko ID

Posted on September 11, 2008 Under Design

There's this little on-demand design outfit called Ponoko, who've been generating some serious buzz in the last year (from the Wired to our mates over at Core77). As a designer you can upload an EPS file to their website, and…

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The Art Traders: Sydney

Posted on August 6, 2008 Under Art
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Squeaky Green!

Posted on April 25, 2008 Under Eco

I went to visit my best friend last night. She still lives in the apartment we lived in together for eighteen months, and despite the fact that it's a lot cleaner now than it was when I was there --…

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Zoo York x Owens: The Urbane Jungle

Posted on April 24, 2008 Under Life

When Zoo York asked Mark Owens and Matt Owens to design six decks for their artist series, we knew we'd be in for some of their standard-issue graphical, collage-esque awesomeness. What we got, though, is seemingly more -- a modern,…

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Cause for Drinks 3

Posted on April 23, 2008 Under Life

None of us around here really need an excuse for happy hour, but it's always a good thing when there's a cause involved. All Day Buffet's third Cause For Drinks happens tonight in six cities nationwide -- NYC, New Orleans,…

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Worth A Listen: When Continents Collide

Posted on April 18, 2008 Under Music

David Avram Brown, aka Benny Strange, is willing to do whatever he needs to in the name of his art. Having survived a cross-country hitchhiking adventure at the tender age of eighteen and spending his early twenties bouncing up and…

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Josh Owen for Kikkerland

Posted on April 18, 2008 Under Design

Having tended a bar (or seven) on a previous career path, I still find myself rather drawn to well-crafted bar accouterments. Josh Owen's Jigger Aluminum Cube is inspired by traditional sake cups and measures a mere three-inches cubed, and is…

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Chasing Waterfalls: Victoria EVO

Posted on April 10, 2008 Under Design

Normally when we crank up our stereo to eleven, it's our precious glass windows and not our eardrums that we worry about shattering. However, since we took a gander at the Victoria EVO, the new flagship clear-glass loudspeaker from Waterfall…

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