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And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

The kitchen at my office freaks me out. It’s not that there’s ever a shortage of spoons or bowls (or free coffee or toast, for that matter) but there’s someone who doesn’t understand that dirty dishes don’t go in a clean dishwasher. That said, I’ve taken to stashing a bowl and spoon on my desk for my cereal in the morning, but three days a week when the cleaners come, that’s out the window. I may have found a solution: Flavour Design’s Bowl with Spoon at Farmhouse Wares. Rest assured that my new filing cabinet will have a space dedicated for this baby, along with a sign imploring my coworkers to keep their grubby fingers off it. Designers, you know. They can’t be trusted!


Recently launched Causecast “brings together nonprofits, community leaders, activists, celebrities and brands, with the goal of making a positive impact on the world.” Working with hand-selected charities and non-profits, Causecast is giving some much-deserved internet exposure to organizations who may be struggling in that arena. Users of the site can upload content, connect with like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date on a variety of causes.

Educating yourself is the first step in making a difference, and it seems like this will be a great educational resource and conduit for good. Design props to Bobby Solomon from Kitsune Noir as well, who headed up the prettiness of it all. Looking forward to seeing the progress to be made!

Ponoko ID

There’s this little on-demand design outfit called Ponoko, who’ve been generating some serious buzz in the last year (from the Wired to our mates over at Core77). As a designer you can upload an EPS file to their website, and they’ll facilitate the manufacturing process it — jewelry, accessories, lamps, whatever. After that, you set up an Etsy-esque shop to sell your wares if your heart so desires.

This week has seen the launch of Ponoko ID which takes this process one step further, allowing customers to submit their request to the Ponoko pros, and choose the designer they want to work with the most. Out the window are the hassles of sourcing a designer, manufacturer and materials, making it easier than ever before for people who have great ideas but lack in the dexterity department (ie: ME) to hook up with people who like to do nice things like collaborate on super-fun projects. In Ponoko’s words, it’s “the world's first shopping request and match-making service for manufactured goods.” Which, in my opinion, might be a lot more fruitful than some of the match-making services I’ve used in the past…

The Art Traders: Sydney

You know that person: the one who, all of a sudden, decides to pack in all their worldly possessions and move across the world in order to find that certain something missing in their lives. There’s a lot of love for this person because, most times, they have some really great stuff they end up just giving away to their friends, who then accept bucketloads of compliments for the art they actually didn’t spend the time picking out or paying for.

(Friends in New York and L.A. who recently benefited from the liquidation of my personal collection: you’re welcome.)

Having taken up residence in Sydney last week, I was lamenting my blank walls and making plans to remedy this situation. Coming across The Art Traders was both a revelation and a kick in the guts at the same time. Curating a Southern Hemisphere art collection will be a piece of cake from here on out, but it also has me wishing I didn’t just gift my Yoshitomo Nara sketches away. Yolande Gray and Fiona McIntosh sell the art of Sydneysiders’ on consignment and have compiled a fantastic assortment of contemporary and Aboriginal art, spanning all pricepoints and tastebuds. Check them out online at The Art Traders, or visit them in Sydney at 134 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst.

Squeaky Green!

I went to visit my best friend last night. She still lives in the apartment we lived in together for eighteen months, and despite the fact that it’s a lot cleaner now than it was when I was there — three girls in 700 square feet is plain frightening, if a little sorority-esque — her kitchen is out of commission due to an overzealous exterminator. Ironically, when I got home, a book that the guys from Method wrote, Squeaky Green: The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home was waiting for me on the kitchen table, in all its green, non-toxic glory. In parts it seems a little advert-y, but all in all it’s packed to the spine with great tips on how you can keep your life clean without using brutal chemicals that are a hazard to not only yourself, but your pets and the environment. Good one, guys.

Zoo York x Owens: The Urbane Jungle

When Zoo York asked Mark Owens and Matt Owens to design six decks for their artist series, we knew we’d be in for some of their standard-issue graphical, collage-esque awesomeness. What we got, though, is seemingly more — a modern, quirky ode to New York City, the brand that asked them to participate and the riders themselves, each representing unique areas of interest: Architecture, Literature, Gastronomy, Art, Transit, and Tourism. We likey.

Via AthleticsNYC

Cause for Drinks 3

None of us around here really need an excuse for happy hour, but it’s always a good thing when there’s a cause involved. All Day Buffet’s third Cause For Drinks happens tonight in six cities nationwide — NYC, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Austin, Seattle and Annapolis — each raising funds for select charities. Your city not on the bill for the night? Drop the kids at ADB a note and they’ll get you in the next lineup. More info here or on their Facebook page. Bottoms up.

Worth A Listen: When Continents Collide

David Avram Brown, aka Benny Strange, is willing to do whatever he needs to in the name of his art. Having survived a cross-country hitchhiking adventure at the tender age of eighteen and spending his early twenties bouncing up and down the west coast, he finally found himself settled in Los Angeles. His thoroughly listenable second EP, When Continents Collide, is more than worthy of comparisons to his contemporaries like Keane and Cary Brothers. We’re looking forward to more from this bright shining star, for sure.

Benny Strange: Official Site | Myspace | iTunes

Josh Owen for Kikkerland

Having tended a bar (or seven) on a previous career path, I still find myself rather drawn to well-crafted bar accouterments. Josh Owen’s Jigger Aluminum Cube is inspired by traditional sake cups and measures a mere three-inches cubed, and is designed to accurately measure the four most utilized alcohol measurements in the smallest possible dispenser. It’s available for pre-order at Unica Home now — just in time for those summer margarita sloshfests.

Chasing Waterfalls: Victoria EVO

Normally when we crank up our stereo to eleven, it’s our precious glass windows and not our eardrums that we worry about shattering. However, since we took a gander at the Victoria EVO, the new flagship clear-glass loudspeaker from Waterfall Audio, we’ve began to rethink our stance on the durability of glass and our of eardrums when it comes to withstanding blasts of anthemic rock ‘n’ roll. Named for Victoria Falls in Africa, one of the eight natural wonders of the world, these eye catching 40″x 10″ towers of cascading sound are individually hand crafted and designed with sophisticated glass-cutting machinery, that when coupled with Waterfall’s exclusive glass-fabrication technique turn these sonic skyscrapers into nearly invisible towers of audible power. However, these speakers don’t get by on just looks alone, the Victoria EVO can perfectly reproduce the entire frequency range without the assistance of a subwoofer. So if you’re in the market for a speaker that’s looks as dynamic as it sounds…look no further, though if you look past it it’s probably because it blends in so well with everything else.

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