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The forward-thinking folks at LAX know as well as anyone how much of a hassle airline travel can be; weather delays, unforeseen luggage mishaps, and plenty of other aviation-related issues can always put a damper on your departure. While many of these annoyances are far beyond our control, you could at least use a decent heads up on your flight's situation. Rather than rolling the dice, hoping your flight is on time or resorting to using a confusing automated call system offered by your carrier of choice, Los Angeles Airport's new website takes the burden of flight updates off of the of your individual carrier's wings, and makes it their own problem. LAX's site eases your terminal headaches by providing up to the minute flight status updates on both arrivals and departures, while also giving you a chance to reserve your own parking space prior to making the trip to the landing strip. If only the site could tell you if you'll be sitting next to a screaming infant.


I remember walking into A Salt and Battery the first year I lived in New York, and having heart palpitations when I discovered that at Easter, they do deep fried Cadbury Créme Eggs. As disgusting as that sounds, you shouldn’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I was transported back to that memory just now, when I was mucking around on the Goo-ology website, and watching a series of disturbed Creme Eggs seeking help for their mental problems and suicidal tendencies. Those eggs managed to escape vats of hot oil, though. Go give Eggs & Ladders a play, watch the brilliant UK ad spots under the ‘Fantasties’ section, and when you can’t stand it anymore, rest assured any Duane Reade or Rite Aid will have at least half a million of them in stock already.


Plenty of people love to showoff their chopstick chops while chowing down on Chinese food. They'll specifically ask for the troublesome utensils in order to impress their friends as soon as they reach the table…and sometimes, if you look over at those same folks at any given moment during the meal, they're the ones sneaking stray grains of rice onto their spoon because they don't exactly have the hang of chopstick handling they wanted to exhibit. Well, thanks to Choplery, they don't have to fake it anymore. The cutlery/chopstick hybrid from DesignGO! Studio made from 100% bamboo and presented in the three basic utensils (fork, knife, and spoon) gives eater's a fighting chance of conquering their meal by giving them the choice, cutlery or chopsticks? Ease or struggle? The decision is at your fingertips.

Gap+Rehab: The Sound of Color

So what exactly is the sound of color? Gap and San Francisco-based Rehab asked this question to five bands, who each wrote corresponding tracks for Sound of Color. The pieces were then handed off to different directors who were allowed complete creative control over the videos they produced. The result is a diverse and — pun alert! — colorful soundtrack to accompany Gap’s Spring ’08 line. Read more of the director’s commentary over at Creative Review.

Doane Paper in Squares, Checks, and Grids

Way back in the Summer of 2006, long before we directed you toward the miracle that is Doane Paper, Chad Doane decided to count the ways in which he loved Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Rather than picking up a flower and pulling of petals he decided to make a crossword puzzle using his invention that was dedicated to the diminutive musical mastermind. He didn't think anything of it and more or less just scanned it and posted it onto his flickr page. Eight months ago, seemingly out of nowhere, Keith Stephenson contacted the Doane Paper principle to request a new art and design book he was working on. Well eight months have come and gone and Doane's puzzle has hit the printing press along with plenty of other interesting grid and square design work in Squares, Checks and Grids, The third volume in the highly collectible Communicating With Patterns series from Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire of multidiscplinary design agency, Absolute Zero Degrees. The book, which pays “visual homage to squares and checks, an inspirational graphic collection of different occurrences of squares and checks from all environments” is available on Amazon and is definitely worth a gander.


Since my puppy, Piper, has spent the past six months doing very little other than eating, pooping, and growing — more specifically, growing from this to this — I gave up on buying her sweaters a long time ago. That all might change now I’ve spent MODRuff‘s collection of moulded rubber dog coats. Available in five styles from the femme to the totally badass, my only problem with these will be making up my mind which one to buy.

Via PupStyle

Talia Shipman: Exodus

For someone having graduated this past spring, Talia Shipman brings a stylized maturity to her work that other photographers spend years honing and perfecting. The young artist has already experienced her work being published and shown in galleries worldwide, and if her series, Exodus: The Ten Plagues is any indication, she has a long and bright career ahead of her. Currently on show as part of Captive Visions: Canadian Contemporary Art at Eli Klein Fine Art in SOHO, Exodus is an entirely thoughtful, sometimes macabre juxtaposition of biblical plagues with their modern-day counterparts. Definitely keep an eye out for this rising star — it looks like she’s going to be around for a while to come.

Pixish: Beta

Derek Powazek sure knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. Even after the sudden (and forced) disassociation of both himself and his wife, Heather, from JPG Magazine, a magazine they founded, together, he’s turned around to create yet another community for photographers. This time, though, Pixish directly connects creatives with the people who need them. As the site itself explains:

“Say you’re a magazine. You have a story that you need an illustration for. Your options are to find an artist for a custom job (time-consuming and expensive) or spend all day trolling microstock sites to find the perfect image (cheap, but just as time-consumung, and very frustrating).

Pixish is a middle path. With Pixish, you can create an Assignment that asks for what you want. Pixish peeps can submit their work and collaboratively vote the best up. All you have to do is pick the winning entry!”

Taking it a step further, Pixish is an interactive community which will hopefully make ensure everyone gets exactly what they need for truly inspiring collaborations. Pixish is currently in beta, and you can sign up for it right here.

design*sponge DIY Contest 2008

We know there’s a bunch of you out there, just waiting for an excuse to bust out your electric drills and saws in the name of DIY hackage. Grace over at D*S (as well as the fine folks at 2Modern) are giving you a bigger incentive to do so: the 2008 D*S DIY Design Contest. Anything — furniture, decoration and beyond — is welcome, as long as it’s for the home (that means no fashion or accessories this year) with the grand prize offering a $500 gift certificate and $150 and other prizes scale down, accordingly. Entries are due in by March 2nd, with voting commencing on March 3rd running through the 9th. All the details are available over on the contest page. Good luck!

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