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Mini Cooper Art Car: It Glows!

The car people out there should take a look at this video, which covers the insane sticker job that Tristan Eaton (think: Kid Robot) and the rest of the Thunderdog team recently did on a Mini Cooper belonging to Matt Farah of the New York Motor Club. After-market auto tweaks are one thing, neon blue ground effects are another, but this glow-in-the-dark job, well, it’s something from another world. Matt’s request to Thunderdog was inspired by the BMW Art Car Project, which was going on between 1975 and 1999, and featured work by artists that we all know and love (e.g. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein). My vote is that the Thunderdog crew get commissioned to kit out the next Batmobile– imagine that: a glowing black Lamborghini Murcielago.

Cutting Table No. 1

Icelandic designer Sruli Recht has come up with an interesting solution for traveling fashion designers and students who have become frustrated with their lack of workspace while on the road. For Sruli, I imagine this idea was born out of pure necessity– Iceland is, after all, a pretty isolated place, so the ability to bring one’s work abroad is a must. The ‘Cutting Table No. 1′ – or as I have dubbed it, ‘Icelandic Fashion Designer’s Best Friend’ – is a collaboration between Sruli and FormFast, is made of cardboard, and is at once portable and sturdy. It comes with 3 collapsable drawers, jute strap moving/storing box, laminated white surface top, and all replaceable parts. It’s available at the Liborius boutique ($400 U.S.D); and rest assured, if you buy one, they’ll ship it to you (i.e. no trip to Iceland necessary).

Topshop + Newton Machine

The international women’s fashion retailer Topshop has tapped the legacy of famed fashion photog Helmut Newton to recreate the camera for which Newton became known in the 70′s. The Newton Machine is basically Newton’s self-timed camera with a mirror next to it and a strobe light connected to the “magic box.” The model adjusts the timer based on what she want’s to do in her pose– all at once she can be the photographer, stylist, and subject. The site tells us the story of Newton, explains this instant project, and most important– serves as a constantly updated place for candid photos of Topshop customers doing god-knows-what in front of that magic little box. Whether animalistic, expecting, or jumping for joy (see photos above, from left), it looks like folks are having fun with this one.

SketchBox: Stickies Booster

One of the most usable and underrated apps we have in our Mac OS’ is Stickies. I find myself using them all the time– for taking notes, jotting to-do lists, scribing passwords, editing text, etc. SketchBox is a donationware app for OS X that expands the functionality of our default Stickies by adding drawing functionality, timers to remind your forgetful self, and a sexier interface that helps you organize your notes. It’s admittedly cliché to to say “we all know we could use a little more organization in our lives”– but it’s so true, dammit!

Via Lifehacker

Ritual: Hello Machosexual!

If you’re like me and you’re stumped about what to get your pops for his upcoming ‘day’ (it’s on Sunday… dang it!), and you’re also sick of your pops calling you out as a metrosexual just because you choose to pluck those scraggly eyebrows that you inherited from him, we have a little gift idear for ya. Ritual, the grooming guys who tagged the line “goodbye metrosexual, hello machosexual,” have a little F’s Day special going where you can get a deal when you purchase together The Great American Bathroom Book and their ‘Kit.’ The Kit is all of their full-size products in a wooden box– you get the Razor Rinse, The Whip, The Balm, the Trifecta, and their Nature Calls product, which will have your Mum happier than the day your Dad got his vasectomy– 2 drops in the toilet after he takes his Number 2, and the odor will recede into the shadows. Just put both items in the cart and enter the code: JUNEDAD.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project

With consumer space voyages looking more and more promising, and freak kitchen accidents an ever looming possibility, Omega is bringing back – in a limited release of under 2000 units – its Speedmaster Moonwatch “Alaska Project” timepiece. This design was cooked up in the 70′s during the early days of NASA forays into the void, and boasts temperature resistance encompassing more than 400 degrees Celsius (from -148 to +260) thanks to it’s red-anodized aluminum construction. You get one of these on your wrist (price TBD), and you’ll set the standard both on Mars and at Burning Man– same difference, I guess.


BMW GINA Concept: Nice Suit!

Now… we’ve seen beautiful suits come from Italy, but the Germans have put quite the suit on this new BMW concept car. It’s called the GINA Light Visionary Model. With a mantra of “let the material do the talking,” the design gurus at BMW came up with a design that includes a lycra, shape-shifting exoskeleton that moves to expose individual functions only when they’re needed. The designers were not as interested in answering the question of how cars will look in the future as they were to conduct an exploration into the creative freedom the future designs will offer. Word is, that Patrick Bateman is going to be test driving this one, so those of you in the Financial District, be on the lookout.

Via Gizmodo

Distil Ennui

Distil Ennui: To extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness a.k.a. the portfolio site of New York-based photography duo Alex & Cocco. They’ve approached the art of photography from the perspective that “avoiding an over dependency on post production starts with a great shot.” All of their shots are organic in the sense that they’re presented ‘as shot,’ rather than ‘as photoshopped.’ There’s something refreshing about photos that rely on their own laurels– images that are snapped not at the ‘right moment,’ but rather at ‘a moment.’ The messages within these photos are derived purely from the viewer’s imagination, not from a sort of force-fed, incontrovertible moment in time. I think you’ll enjoy browsing through their site, as I have.

3G iPhone Mystery Solved


Well, all of the mystery surrounding the new iPhone we’ve been shrouded in for the past couple months can finally be put to rest. Mr. Jobs just revealed the particulars at today’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Jason Chen and crew at Gizmodo did one hell of a job live blogging the event, and I found myself hitting ‘command-R’ just about every 10 seconds anxiously awaiting new nuggets of info. On July 11th, we’ll get (black or white) iPhones with a fast 3G network, the availability of tons and tons of 3rd party apps, impressive battery life, GPS functionality, and it’s going to be sold in 70 countries for the drastically reduced prices of $199 for the 8GB version and $299 for the 16 Gigabyte-er. Doesn’t look like they squeezed copy/paste in there, but we always need something to look forward to, right?

Photos and other informational goodies courtesy of Gizmodo.

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The Liberty Hotel: Boston

During a recent trip to Boston, I made it a priority to stay in the Liberty Hotel. Perhaps Boston’s most notable new luxury hotel, I had read some convincing reviews about it… its supposedly top notch service, historic ambiance, and in-hotel food options all led me to the front door.

Bottom line: this is a hotel for hotel connoisseurs, and for those of you out there who don’t yet know that you’re a hotel connoisseur, the Liberty may just clarify that question for you. I’ve decided to include an image of what the Liberty was in this post, because the hotel’s past is a major reason it is truly unique and worthy of praise. The Charles Street Jail, perhaps the best example out there of the “Boston Granite Style,” was built in 1851 in the Beacon Hill area of Boston. Over the years (until its closing in, I believe, 1990), it housed infamous as well as “pop” prisoners– Johnny Cash and Jane Fonda immediately come to mind. The Liberty retains the important character of its penal predecessor, somehow keeping the ‘wow factor’ but dispensing of that gritty and erie Alcatraz vibe.

With “ambience” quickly checked off my list, I turned to the service factor, or should I say, it turned to me. From the time I put the car in ‘park’ outside the hotel, I was assisted by the staff as if I were the only guest on the premises. Without ever feeling over-coddled, my bags were quickly whisked up to my room, and at the front desk, the check in process was streamlined with complimentary glasses of Vueve Clicquot. Later that evening, I discovered Clink, the in-hotel restaurant which sports ever-changing seasonal menus and has proved to be a legitimate Boston hot-spot, not just a convenient place to eat for hotel guests. The servers were as knowledgeable about the historical jail architecture retained in the hotel as they were about the menu. And the next day, when I inquired as to whether I could leave my luggage and valet-parked car at the hotel well past my check out time so I could walk around the city before my flight, they happily accommodated me.

Unyielding service is something we’ve all come to expect in luxury hotels, but the Liberty simply stands by itself in the way it pairs exemplary service with such a refined resurrection of a historic Boston jail.

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