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Texts From Last Night


We've all been there. A good night out, a drink or five, some break downs in judgment, and then the inevitable drunk-texting begins. The convenience of technology and the loss of your normal social filter can quickly lead to disastrous text messages. The full, ego-crushing, game-killing embarrassment will only become totally clear when you wake up the next day"¦

Now there's a site to document all these moments of textual genius. Combining the brevity of Twitter, the fails of Fail Blog, and the "I'm glad that wasn't me" scenarios of F My Life, Texts From Last Night is simple. Read, scroll, and enjoy. If you've got some text gold of your own, you can add it to the site. With gems like "I cant find my shoes, my wallet, or my keys, but I know where your sister is" and "Trimmed my pubes and broke your paper shredder. Separate events.", the awesomeness pretty much speaks for itself.

Building a rapidly growing Twitter following and with over 20,000 Facebook fans in just a few months, again the ease and brilliance of user-submitted content makes another big time online hit. People like to know what other people think and humiliation is universal. Wrap it up in text-length portions and share online and you've got pure gold. It's only a matter of time until the first "Texts From Last Night" book shows up on coffee tables.

SPRFKR and MSTRKRFT $1000 Prize Pack

We've got some dope stuff from two cutting edge artists, and we want to give it to you.

SPRFKR and MSTRKRFT are both killing it in their respective fields. California-based designer and artist SPRFKR (a.k.a. Marco Rached) converted his love of comics and doodling into some of the most colorful, visually aggressive, and envelope-pushing T-shirt designs around. His first-ever solo show, "Mujeres y Flores", is opening April 4 at the Con Safos Gallery in Santa Ana, California.

Meanwhile, Canadian super-duo MSTRKRFT are at the top of their game, mixing power-electro with dance-punk and house. Their latest album, Fist of God dropped March 17. Following their recent crowdsurf-inducing set at SXSW, MSTRKRFT is setting out on tour this summer — including a stop off at Coachella. You can get a taste for what their legendary live sets are like with the new vid for the album's first track, "Bounce" featuring N.O.R.E and Isis.

So besides killer art and a sick new album, what's in it for you? We've got two prize sets to hand out. Leave a comment below and we'll randomly pick two lucky art and music lovers. The first will get an original SPRFKR work from the current show (valued at $1000), their choice of any SPRFKR tee, and the new MSTRKRFT Fist of God CD. The second commenter gets their choice of SPRFKR tee and the "Fist of God" CD. Now get typing"¦

America: The Gift Shop

We were blown away by the beauty and love rippling through New York photographer Phillip Toledano's lovely "Days With My Father". In the days leading up to the U.S. election, Toledano switches from the personal to the political with his new online project "America The Gift Shop".

Asking "What do we have to remind us of the events of the last eight years?", Toledano's "store" offers they typical line-up of familiar mementos and souvenirs, but with a disturbing political twist. From an Abu Ghraib bobble-head doll, to a snow globe depicting Dick Cheney shredding secret documents, to a T-shirt reading "I was rendered to a secret prison and all I got was this lousy T-shirt", the items would all be humorous if it wasn't for the shocking and atrocious realities they represent. Each piece begins as an entertaining notion and then shifts quickly into solid statement. Like when the candy bar "Choc and Awe", once unwrapped, reveals the infamous slogan "Mission Accomplished" engraved on the chocolate inside.

Though souvenirs are normally treasured, kept to celebrate and commemorate happiness, the wares inside "America The Gift Shop" should be taken to heart with equal value. Not to celebrate, but to remember and acknowledge. If "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", then remembering the follies and mistakes of the last eight years could be one of the most important things you'll ever do.


New Zune Originals

When it comes to jazzing up your various personal devices, anyone can run to the mall and get some kind of jelly cover. Usually the art options range from low-res images of the Mona Lisa to the cast of South Park. Cute, but maybe not the trend-busting art-accessory you were hoping for.

Zune Originals takes customization to the next level by commissioning some of the world's hottest artists and graphic designs to create custom work specially designed for their players. Launched this week were new additions from the likes of Josh Spear-fave and Vectorfunk master MWM, Japanese illustrator and former game designer Ippei Gyoubu, French artist Rolito, and manga/art nouveau hybrid illustrator and visionary Aya Kato.

Each design is laser-engraved onto the metal backing and the screen displays a full-color version of the same piece. Slick. You might not be able to impress strangers with the tunes you're listening to, but you can show them you've got an eye for hot art.


LE:60's 1-Minute Film Fest

In every major urban center in North America, it's not hard to find some form of outdoor public art. Its usually a large abstract sculpture with a bunch of people sitting around it eating lunch. Going beyond the static and structural into the animated and mobile, Lumen Eclipse is an ongoing public art project looking to add some kick to the idea of accessible public art by creating free, outdoor, contemporary motion art.

For over two years Lumen Eclipse has been creating outdoor video art installations, drawing crowds as well as big name collaborators like Yoko Ono, Michel Gondry, Encyclopedia Pictura, Miranda July and more. This year they're casting the net for talent even farther with their first annual LE:60 1-Minute Film Fest. Building on their mission of bringing genre-bending new film work to the masses, each 60-second short will be screened outdoors at Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

LE:60 is still open for submissions, but the deadline for entries is close (September 2). With the entry fee a mere $10 and some sweet prizes from Adobe and Red Giant up for grabs, you can't afford not to. After all, it'll only take a minute.


Freebording: not quite skateboarding and not exactly snowboarding. With a totally unique rider-driven design, Freebord gives you the look of a street deck and the feeling of carving a mountain. Using four outer wheels to simulate a snowboard edge and 360° rotating wheels in the middle of the board to initiate slides in any direction, the feeling (so we hear) is just like bombing down a mountain.

Recently they amped up their site with three fresh designs — Elite, Haze, and Riot — all fitted with new lighter trucks for better agility. Gripped and made from 7-ply Canadian Maple, the decks are light enough for tricks but strong enough to support any height or weight. Now go shred.

Jellio: Kid Stuff

Thanks to Jellio now you can design the room of your five-year old dreams. Bumping kitsch up a notch by mixing clean, modern design with the gadgets and toys of your childhood, Jellio's designs aren't so much a throwback style as a literal interpretation of childhood memories as furniture and art.

From Lite Brite and Rubik's Cube tables to a selection of juicy looking multi-hued GummiLights, the inspiration behind the designs is direct and literal: they're childhood indulgences brought to adult-sized life "¦ the kind of adult life where you need to buy furniture. Newly released items include the Button Bench, a rounded white acrylic bench covered in pliable plastic button candy dots, as well as their first foray into fashion and accessories — the Slate Bag. This Etch-a-Sketch-inspired messenger bag (and its companion, the iSlate) comes complete with a stylus and writing pads to doodle on the flap. When you're bored, wipe it away and start over. Fun!


Liz Wolfe Relaunch

Anytime photographer Liz Wolfe releases new work, you know it's going to be a good day. But when she revamps her website and launches a new online store, that's even better.

We've had our eye on Wolfe for a while. In her latest work she continues to explore the visual and emotional interplay of creatures and confections. Cute and vile simultaneously, her photos are always a surprise. Innocent at first glance, each pieces shifts upon closer inspection, and what you see isn’t really what it seems.

In "Meat Tree", plasticine rainbows, rough and seemingly made by a child, sit like fruit inside a round tree made not of branches, but of ground beef. In "Diseased Deer", a smiling, pure white proto-Bambi sits on a bed of yellow flowers. Its affliction? A rash of candy confetti. Wolfe is an expert not only at creating visually arresting images, but of layering her subjects so that you always have to look twice. In each photo, despite it's candy-coated veneer, there is something more devious rippling beneath the surface.

In her new online store, two new miniphoto collections are now up for grabs. Focusing on two main themes of her work, "Sugar" and "Creature" each contain 10 6"x8" archive prints. Conversation inducing and featuring Wolfe's signature acid-bright colours, now you can have a little piece of Liz Wolfe in every room. Sweet.



Obsessive compulsives unite! If the thought of unmatched cover art and track naming in your iTunes keeps you up at night (“N.E.R.D"¦ Nerd"¦. NERD. Stop the madness!”) then help is on the way.

TuneUp is a new iTunes plugin that digs into your library, references it against the more than 90 million tracks in the heaven-sent Gracenote Database, and then fills in correct song titles, album names, artist names, and more. Even better, it also accesses Amazon and Google to pick up the matching album art — an absolute must for anyone addicted to Coverflow. Once your iTunes is running like a well-organized machine, TuneUp goes one step further and scans the web for info about your fave musicians: tour dates, new YouTube videos, and collectibles and other die hard fan-swag on eBay and other retail sites.

The only drawback is that right now only a Windows version is available (maybe a little odd considering the plugin is designed for a program and device created by Apple), but a Mac-compatible version is scheduled for release this fall. So until then, for all the Macaholics it's more long nights searching Google Images for that perfect high-res image of "Licensed to Ill". Damn.

Timbuk2 x Threadless

For all of the modern, urban, design-savvy males out there, please don't call this bag a “murse.” Lots of guys these days have figured out the convenient utility of a good old messenger bag, but what happens if you want the ease of carrying around everything you own but still want to look a little street? That's where San Francisco-based bag makers Timbuk2 and perennial Josh Spear fav Threadless steps in.

Pumping up classic messenger bags from Timbuk2 with some of the most popular T-shirt graphics from Threadless, they've combined high-end graphic design with the need to carry stuff around with you. Even better, you can rock the matching bag and tee at the same time — if you think you're man enough to handle it.

Hot prints from New England-based design duo GlueKit, eclectic visual artist Julia Sonmi Heglund, and self-taught fine artist Robert Hardgrave adorn the three limited edition bags. Held to an exclusive 200 of each print (read: buy them now before they're gone) these bags are up for grabs now, directly from Timbuk2.

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