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Bodum Colorful Toasters

First it was candy-colored iPods, then Dell came up with a line of Willy Wonka inspired laptops, and now Bodum (who also made my French press) has a line of cheeky toasters. For those who believe that they have enough chrome and black in their kitchens, this is a little unexpected splash of color. I’m also a complete advocate for a toaster that does nothing more than toast bread. I have an oven — it’s my oven. The toaster oven was only good at taking a very long time to do things a microwave can do in minutes. And this one looks like it comes with a nice textured grip, just in case you toast on the go.

Via The Kitchn

Slim PS3

If you were one of the ones that waited patiently for a crack at a PS3 a few years ago, chastising your easily swayed friends who opted for an XBox 360 or Wii — suckers. If you only held out until yesterday’s news from GamesCom, you would have know there’s a new generation with more storage and a nice slim physique. (And theoretically, if you hold out for another few years, you won’t kick yourself for buying this generation of Sony hardware.) The price is also down about $100 to $299 and these new units should be available starting in September. I’ve probably owned every video game system that came to market (yes, including Neo-Geo and a Dreamcast). And while having a Blu-ray player built into my gaming console is nice, for the price of two $60 Blu-ray discs, I can buy an external terabyte hard drive. Sony may be trying to drum up sales with this repackaging, but does anyone else have the feeling we’re nearing the end of a CD/DVD world?

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SparkLife: Blogging New Moon

We’re neck-deep in a vampire renaissance. First, there’s True Blood, the Alan Ball created series that imagines Bon Temps, Louisiana as a place where strange and supernatural creatures aren’t just a result of second cousins marrying. And then there’s Twilight — the impossibly popular teen fiction books that make being really pale and aloof look cool. Who will make sense of this creepy pop culture movement? Dan Bergstein from SparkNotes has created a chapter-by-chapter blog that’s distills Twilight (and now the sequel New Moon) down to its ridiculous essence. Vamp fans love it because Bergs eviscerates their stories with a loving hand. I love it because it’s just damn funny. If you’re in either camp you should be following this. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you’re probably a man over 40.

Stiletto Spy School

Attention femme fatals: if the past few weekends have consisted of daring missions to Bed, Bath and Beyond and seducing the bag boy at the grocery story, maybe it’s time to really indulge in something more exotic. Stiletto Spy School will plan full day adventures for ladies looking to improve their hand-to-hand combat, martini mixing, stunt driving, or tango dancing skills. You can choose from one of their planned itineraries, or create your own assignment. James Bond, meet Jane Bond.

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MWM Opening Reception Saturday

What are your plans this Saturday? If you’re a fan of MWM like we are, then they should include seeing some new work at the Chorus Gallery in Somerville, MA. On tap is his signature canvas work, a small series of prints, and a new collaboration with Open and Traitor Cycles that consists of of five hand-painted frames, a cycling cap and t-shirt. The opening reception is this Saturday at 8 p.m., and in case you can’t get there, it will be on display until Sept. 8.

Stay app

I know it seems like iPhone app day here at JS, but this is a neat little post-lunch nap, pre-early happy hour time waster. Longtime reader Pete Anderson (aka Anthropophagy) sent us a note about his new iPhone game called Stay. It’s a simple deal: keep your shapes balanced on the beam while different types of blocks try to knock it off. Trickier than it looks. The full version will be in the iTunes store soon, but for now we have promo codes for the first three readers who comment on their favorite application.

Watch Shepard Fairey @ Studio No. 2

Since Obama is now in his second hundred days (or twentieth business week, twelfth fortnight…) and people aren’t flocking to buy Hope related merchandise, you’d think that Shepard Fairey could take a nice summer vacation. But Arktip found the artist hard at work on a new print, complete with No Age‘s punk soundtrack and a nice short-attention-span montage. Makes me want to have a productive Monday.

Studio Roxas's Chiba Warrior


Being the “favorite uncle” isn’t as tough a job as, say, being the father, but there’s still a responsibility to bring my new nieces/nephews awesome gifts. For instance, I spotted Isabel Roxas‘s Chibi Warrior branded merch at the Brooklyn Flea this past Sunday. I had already bought this onesie from her Queens studio for my sister-in-law’s ninja-themed baby shower (complete with toddler-safe throwing stars), but Isabel also has items beyond baby clothes, liketees, stamps, and notecards with the lethal-yet-adorable assassin. Just something to think about if you don’t want to concede to the Dora the Explorers or Thomas the Tank Engines of the world.

Stone 13th Anniversary Ale

stone13.jpg It’s not often that someone throws a birthday party and gives you a present. Checking in with my local beer wholesaler last week, Stone’s 13th Anniversary Ale is now widely available on the East Coast. Like most of Stone’s best work, the brewery’s first Imperial IPA/Double Red offering has more hops than a froggie jamboree (those that just bought The State on DVD know what I’m talking about). Tons of dry-hopping give it the citrus aroma and bitter-smooth finish, and the “Imperial” in the name means you’re looking at a bell-ringing 9.5% ABV. The sadists over at Stone put their usual 1000 word diatribe on the back of the bottle, but bring up a good point as Good Beer Month comes to a close: in these trying times, invest in what really matters.

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