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TSP Spices

Organic spices in nice packaging? I'm sold. Especially with tsp spices flavor set, Sweet Heat, which is a duo of ancho chile pepper and Saigon cinnamon (no surprise there "“ my favorite latte of the month is made with chiles and dark chocolate). These no muss, no fuss spices come in individually pre-measured packets. The completely pure spices aren't offered in blends to preserve their flavor and integrity "“ but don't let that stop you from making a blend for yourself!

Yin Yang

When people who work at a tea company still yearn for espresso, magical things are sure to happen. Organic coffee meets black tea in Yin Yang, the newest offering from Cha Dao Tea. It's refreshing with a light, subtle sweetness. You can distinctly taste the two different flavors, and they complement each other so well. Yin Yang is the perfect balancing act between black tea and coffee. Cha Dao is also the first company to make fresh bottled teas, so be sure to check out the entire line up (the Herbal Chrysanthemum is amazing!).

Lucid Absinthe Superieure

Prohibition is over! declares Lucid, the first Grande Wormood-based Absinthe, now available in America. This Absinthe Supérieure boasts superb all natural craftsmanship, made from whole herbs. The Lucid bottle is sleek; with cat eyes inspired by "Le Chat Noir" "“ a famous cabaret, whose vintage poster many are familiar with. You may have the urge to light this infamous cocktail on fire, but all you need is sugar and water. Be sure to check out the cockatil creations of this new spirit, including martinis like "Starry Night" on the Lucid site.

Lucid is only available in NYC and the Hamptons…for the time being, that is.

Sugar is for Soda

"Corn is for cars, sugar is for soda" is the tagline accompanying Jones Soda’s new line of sodas made with sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Coca-Cola has been playing with a similar concept, as they introduced a sugar version of Coca-Cola classic in April for Passover. Lately, we’be been seeing more and more companies "go back to nature" by using sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Jones Soda says they made the switch because of a change in consumer behavior– people are actively avoiding high-fructose syrup these days – and plus – sugar gives soda a better flavor.. Mmmm"¦pure cane Cream Soda.

Ahh! Gourmet

Ahh! Gourmet is a sigh of relief for the design conscious who happen to care about the world and appreciate a premium meal in 15 minutes. This San Francisco based company has really innovated the quick meal scene, not only with their different flavors (Perky Savory Coffee sauce is my favorite!), but with their artisan hi-tech retort packaging which allows for freshness and shelf-life without adding any preservatives. This environmentally aware company also prints their packaging on recycled paper with the proper earth-friendly inks. Their presentation and philosophy really shine through with their products. All meal kits even include a Eurekahh! Magnet with different sayings which are 10 times better than any fortune cookie I've come across lately. Yay for Ahh! Gourmet!


Peeled Snacks has introduced their latest snack mix, Plu-what?– a delicious mixture of plums, white peaches, cashews and pluots. Pluots are somewhat new to the mainstream produce consumer, and happen to be one of the tastiest hybrids around. This sweet mixture of plums and apricots result in a fun, wacky fruit that comes in varieties with names like "dinosaur eggs," "flavorella," and "candy stripe." Go on a new fruit adventure with the pluot starring in Plu-what? or grab a fresh pluot at your local grocery store.

Tofu Kubrick Series

While at the Kid Robot store in San Francisco this weekend, I got my foodie kick from the toy world. I'm totally head-over-heels for the Tofu Kubrick Series by the Toyko based Devilrobots. This limited series is an assortment of tofu figures like Bone Tofu, Bear Tofu and Cherry Tofu (my favorite that comes complete with a dog tofu cube). With typically cute Japanese toy packaging, including quirky sayings on topics like dumplings, you want to collect them all.

Urbana: Table-less Eating

Love to picnic, hate the logistics? Thank goodness for design innovation. Simplicitas design firm located in Stockholm has the perfect solution for your picnic cravings. The new Urbana design encompasses the ideals for a modern picnic and an on-the-go lifestyle. Urbana is "table-less eating" with stackable, expandable and multi-use components. Plates have handles to accommodate the cutlery. The cutlery is more than a spork or a knork, it is a three-in-one design. All the Urbana components pack up into a nice little package when you're done. You'll find that this travel-light futuristic design is no-muss, no-fuss. Urbana comes in sets for anywhere from 2 to 5 people and will be available in select locations beginning in May.


"Dedos" may mean "fingers" in Portuguese, but it means innovative design the world of kitchenware concepts. Using shot glass design as inspiration, Felipe Zanardi is changing the actual drinking experience. Zanardi, a Brazilian designer, has changed glassware by putting the handle inside the glass, so it actually becomes part of you. Connect with your favorite liquid of choice, creating a whole new experience"“ could this design be the next step to revolutionizing branding differentiation in beverages? Find out soon. The Dedos design will be available in a couple months in Brazil, and we'll be sure to let you know when it's available stateside.

Seasoning Vein: See Your Seasoning

We've covered Hugo Danti before. Now we're back to tell you about his unique delivery mode for olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper. The Seasoning Vein allows you to enjoy the aesthetic of seasonings, allowing you to view quality and the beauty of the product with the eye, not just the palate. Danti describes his different delivery system achieved with his Seasoning Vein: "the olive oil by being a thicker liquid comes out thru an open vein allowing the user to see it sliding and admire its purity." The illustrations, done by graphic designer friend Roberto Hernandez, are a styling of the corresponding content for each piece of the set. This ceramic set comes with a transparent tray, as to not overcome the design of the objects within the Seasoning Vein set.

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