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We Heart Urbanism

We really do love urbanism, but this isn’t just about our love of cities, it’s about an art opening. The Dalston Superstore is cutting the red ribbon with a show featuring five artist’s creating in cities around the world. Martin Wolerstam, Julia Corsado, Alex Bartolomei, Alex Nobel and Bigote Rojo (sorry no online presence) have all focused their lasers on art inspired by their urban surroundings. Very fitting for the ultra urban and uber hip Dalston district of London.

Details below:

We Heart Urban
Private View: Tuesday May 5th, 7 till 10 pm (facebook invite)
Dalston Superstore "” 117 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2PB

Russ Mills Laptop Skin

Russ Mills is one of our favorite artists, but has a knack for selling out his prints in less than 24 hours. It can be frustrating, but when you actually get your hands on one it’s very satisfying. He's finally released a product that hopefully won't be gone by the time you read this. Partnering with Infectious, he has lent one of his images, “Tilisis,” for you to stick on your gadgets. Only one image is available but in various sizes for Laptop (MAC & PC), iPhone and iPods. Staying constant he has kept his prices low; $30 for a laptop, $15 for iPhone/iPod.

If you've missed out on his previous print releases, this is a sure way to get your hands on a Russ Mills something. In related news, there are talks of a Russ Mills London gallery show very soon. Hopefully, we'll see some more prints soon too. We'll let you know.

Infograph 'Effing Hail' Game

We’ve been digging on info-graphs for a while, it’s our preferred method of learning. Intuitiongames is hosting an info-graph game titled “effing hail” explaining the weather through destruction. For those of you that don’t know how hail is formed, basically small water droplets get caught in a whirl wind deep inside a freezing thunder cloud. The longer they get blown around the more water collects to freeze and thus larger hail. Wouldn’t you prefer an info-graph to that explanation?

The premise of the game is to keep the small pieces of hail in the sky so its get bigger and bigger. Once they get to a certain size the small gust of wind you control can direct your moster ice rock to crash into a skyscraper or a plane. Damage is the goal. I got to the level where you had to take out some satellites. I couldn’t do it, maybe you can. It’s Friday, let’s play games!

New Earph Prints

Our friend from Texas, Matthew Williamson (Earph Exbihtions), just dropped some new prints on us. By ‘new’ I mean space, future time, secrets of the universe new. We had our eye on Williamson before, and we’re totally loving these new prints. His new work definitely takes on a new age sci-fi feeling. Maybe it’s the pending Star Trek movie, but we’re digging it. Four new prints are available in various sizes, as well as a few of his older prints are still in stock. Have a look through some of his past Japanese inspired plant-life and patters. Keep up the good work Matthew, we’ll be watching.

YI Earphone by Ji Woong


The iPod has come a long way since 2001. So why hasn’t someone come up with an answer to getting the wires all un-tangled for ear bud headphones? I’ve gone through so many pairs because of wire tangles wrecking them alone. Ji Woong has come up with a solution, but it’s still in concept phases. His YI earphones work like a zipper, making the wires into a thick strand when they are ‘zipped’ up. Even better the zipper itself has a volume control on it. Pass this on to your friends at electronics companies, because this needs to exist. Good work Ji Woong, we’re glad to see someone is looking after our wires. Hit the jump for a few more conceptual pictures.

via Yanko Design



One of our favorite London galleries Elms Lesters is featuring Ron English in his first solo show in England. Ron's style has created a lot of buzz for his comical and provocative take on current political and cultural issues. He titled this upcoming show LAZARUS RISING, focusing on the economic times along with a heavy religious reference. His paintings are getting more expensive with each show, but they make amazing prints and books. Rob will be at Elms Lesters gallery on May 7th for a private opening 6 to 9 pm and signing books on May 9th at noon. The exhibition runs from the 8th of May till June 6th. Hope to see you there!

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac x Triumph of the Sign

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac might have a remarkable name to say (try it) but he also has quite an impressive rap sheet considering this as his first solo show as an artist. Coming from a high profile fashion background, his artwork makes several references to his fashion career (as in labels everywhere). In fact, it isn’t just labels but brands of all kinds that infest themselves over classic art pieces. Thought provoking work to say the least.

The show is at gallery Paradise Row, a small gallery in deep East London. It is totally worth the trek through apartment buildings because once you get inside the space is amazing. Castelbajac’s show is paired with a Mad Max-type installment of wood shops and houses. The show only runs till 2 May, so get over to it quick!

Peel Gallery

We love to check out some of the local art galleries when traveling. Peel Gallery in Houston felt like a very obvious choice, based on some of the images from their website. When I arrived I was shown some absolutely amazing work in a small but very open space. Then I made it to the gallery shop. And by gallery shop what I mean is store! Tons of stuff from our site including some favorites like Nooka watches and I hate Perfume scents, plus a ton of amazing new prodcucts. Chatting it up with curator Steven Hempel was like meeting an old friend of the site. Definitely stop by and check it out if you are in Houston"“ and mention where you heard about it!

NYC Street Vendors Infograph

New York City vendors are one of the many things we love/hate about the city. Everyone has a story of some amazing/crazy street vendor experience. The Street Vendor Project has put together a visual guide for vendor regulations, rights and history and it looks amazing. Working with the Center for Urban Pedagogy designer Candy Chang put together all the information that goes into vending life (there's a lot). I now know enough to open up my own stand and battle off the cops when they try to slap a fine for on my ass for the distance between the cart and the curb. Seriously, the street has rules! You can check out a PDF sample here. If you read anything on the graph, make sure to read the sample stories at the bottom. Really interesting and heart breaking tales of what life as a vendor holds.


Reef Houston

We have eaten at a lot of tasty, beautiful, hidden and wonderful restaurants. When I made my way to Reef in Houston, TX I instantly found all of those things. A very attractive restaurant, visually"“ I was relieved to not see any blue or stuffed fish carcases hung all over the walls. Instead the restaurant felt like a 60s soft art-deco in a very open room with large windows for a really nice downtown feel. The settings and amazing food are worth the trip alone, but the really interesting thing about Reef comes from chef Bryan Caswell (checkout his personal fish blog). Raised in Houston, but training and cooking in coastal areas all over the world, Caswell has returned to Houston and opened up his own restaurant highlighting some of the overlooked fish from the Gulf of Mexico. A large majority of the fish on the menu at Reef come from the local waters (we approve). Besides the obvious cut back on shipping, it’s supporting the local fishermen. For a city that is infamous for being the fattest city in America (and thus the world), Reef is a gem of a contrast for it’s flavors and sustainability. But seriously, don’t forget to try the deserts, wow.

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