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Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami x QR Code

How many of you know what to do with the image to the left? Hopefully most of you. Aside from identifying it as Murakami work, it’s a QR code for your mobile phone. QR (quick response) codes are like the Japanese version of bar codes, because they started in Japan. The code is scanned into your mobile phone via the camera and outputs a link. Think of it as a way to add hyperlinks in the real world. Normally, these QR codes look like deformed boxy versions of bar codes. But as soon as Murakami touches one we are all gaga. It’s amazing what a little Louis Vuitton pattern and color can do to a QR. Nice work SET!

Alyana Udesen

Drawing is becoming a bit of a lost practice. When was the last time you sat down and drew Pamela Anderson receiving a coffee from a bull snake. For me it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten how. If you’ve forgotten too don’t stress, Alyana Udesen and her drawing books to the rescue. Featuring such tutorials as Nelly & the Empire Penguin, Pamela & a Rat Snake, Mariah & a House Rat and Worf & a Wolf. These tutorials fit right along with her amazing collection of drawings that remind me of the things I wanted to draw on my book covers in high school. Check out here online profolio and the full tutorial books for free on her website. Print versions of the books and full size prints of her works are available in selected stores (I found some in Domy).

Visionaire Magazine Holiday Pop-up

Visionaire rarely, if ever, fits into the traditional magazine category. For starters it’s only published three times a year and each issue is more of a curated art project around a certain theme. For their holiday issue (we aren’t sure which holiday) they’ve gone after pop-up books. Pulling in hotshot art/fashion names like Gareth Pugh, Sophie Calle and Alasdair McLellan, each artist created one pop-up book … well a one-page book. Altogether the collection makes up 11 images in a very attractive case. Production for all the issues of Visionaire are extremely limited and very pricey. This issue alone will set you back website. But if any of you do shell out the cash for this one we would love to see some hands on pictures.

Via Hypebeast

Solar Powered Ionic Toothbrush

The future is here! In this utopia we don’t have to use toothpaste and our toothbrushes are solar powered — two huge leaps for mankind. A Japanese company has developed a toothbrush that uses ions to remove plaque and cleans teeth with water alone. I want to say this is like an air ionizer for your mouth, but that’s probably wrong. Here’s a very scientific explanation of how it works:

“When light is absorbed by the embedded solar panel, and you begin to brush your teeth, electrons are transmitted through the water to your teeth via the titanium oxide semiconductor.”

Make sense? If you need visiuals to understand the next step in dental care, they have pictures on the site. But our question is: what about that minty fresh feeling?

Hush x Veiled Beauty

At first glance, British artist Hush‘s paintings have an obvious Japanese animation influence, but the chaotic backgrounds belie his street art roots that made his name in London. Take a look through a couple paintings made available as prints here. This year Hush is taking his art to America, beginning with the West Coast. Recently, he opened a show in L.A. (which included an original piece done just for gallery (check the video here). His Veiled Beauty project opens on April 2nd (Thursday) and running until April 26 at the Fifty 24 in San Francisco. We wouldn’t be surprised if a Hush wall piece ends up somewhere in San Francisco permanently. Keep your eyes peeled.

Full flyer for Fifty 24 show after the jump.


Be@rbricks 400% Daft Punk Set

Toys are fun, but robots rock. Daft Punk Be@rbricks go! French wonder shop Colette just released this set of the Daft Punk duo in Be@rbrick form and they are amazing. I can't wait to see someone put these two in a lego pyramid, throw in some LEDs and recreate the alive concert. Instant Youtube classic! Even with a $183.13 price tag, these are going to go fast. In slightly related news, Daft Punk is doing the score for Tron 2. Whoa.

Unlike Travel Guide

Unlike — the top notch city guide website — has just released a killer iPhone app full of food, art, fashion, events and urban culture, as well as some other very useful features. Using the iPhone’s GPS, Unlike can pull up a map of attractions, making you an instant expert. Plan a tour, save all your info, and then go walk the city. Most of the locations are international, which usually means roaming charges or finding a wifi spot. But the Unlike app downloads all the necessary info, so no need for an Internet connection. Individual city guides include: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen and London (more cities coming soon). They’re $4.99 each, or you can the buy the whole enchilada in one app for $19.99. [iTunes Link]

Underground Rebel Bingo

London’s got a reputation for having a seedy underground. Anything goes: drugs, hookers, knives … bingo? Last week I ended up in the underbelly of the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. Under the guise of a neighborhood watch meeting the “too hip to trip” set up shop and play bingo. Of course there’s plenty of booze and dancing to give even the most hardcore of bingo nerds something to wake up to the next morning. We woke up with this amazing space galaxy laser cloud nebula projector. Tickets are £7.50 and the club only runs on the occasional weekend. Check the website for dates. The location is secret and the whole event is hush hush. I hope they don’t mind me blogging about it.


We all try to eat healthy, but what do you do when it’s mid-afternoon and you need a pickup, but you need to stay at work? Usually that means a vending machine snack. That was until we discovered Graze. It’s a simple concept: fresh fruits are delivered to your office every couple days. Their website allows you to choose the natural snack you’d like and how often. Then, whatever day you select, a little box arrives just in time. Unfortunately it’s U.K. only. Delivered boxes begin at £2.99, which usually is cheaper and easier than running down to corner shop, and Graze has a special promotion running for half off your first box.

Parra Plays iPhone App

We’ve blogged about Parra almost as many times as he’s created products for Apple. Now that he’s released his own iPhone app, we can declare our love official. It comes as the latest piece for Incase products curated by Arkitip. The application includes some very basic games like memory, follow the leader and Simon, all sprinkled with Parra’s lightning and clouds design. It seems like great fun for kids, but really attractive for adults. And Parra’s app is free (no ads or pop ups), so no complaining. Here’s a link to the iTunes store. Now go and teach your children about good design.

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