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As many of you can tell I am a sucker for vintage clothing, so I feel it is my duty to tell you about one of the premier vintage clothing stores in the country. What Goes Around Comes Around was started in Soho in 1993 by two buddies who had a passion for vintage t-shirts. 14 years later the duo houses a 100,000 piece collection of vintage clothing in addition to a self-titled clothing line they launched last year. The shop features countless vintage leather jackets, old levi’s and 80′s concert tee’s. In addition to the storefront, WGACA opened a 7,000 square-foot Archive, which to date is the largest collection of vintage clothing available. The Archive is appointment only and is a one-stop shop for celebrities, designers, and stylists. For those of you who are interested in getting your hands on the new WGACA label you can check out stores like Bloomingdale’s, Intermix and Bergdorf Goodman to name a few. If you don’t want vintage inspired clothing, but actually vintage; then click over to WGACA’s website and pick yourself up a $300 Def Leppard Tee or a $950 original pair of Levi’s.

Michael Lau x Nike

The name Michael Lau may not ring a bell to most of you, but it is a name you should probably know. Lau is a famous Hong Kong artist whose vinyl toys, artwork and past collaborations with Sony and soon Nike have earned him world class respect. Not only credited as a talented artist, but some say Lau is responsible for what street culture is today. All of his work is heavily influenced by American and Asian street culture, which gives him a wide fan base. Nike has finally teamed up with Mr. Lau to release a series of clothing and a pair of Dunk lows made of wood. 105 pairs of these highly anticipated shoes will go on sale at the grand opening of the central Nike Town in Hong Kong at midnight on the 29th. Each pair comes in a wooden box and is accompanied by a little skateboard and wooden figurine. If anyone wants to pick me up a pair or two a hefty reward will be yours! Retail will be $240 for the pack.

PRPS Denim

A few months back Josh gave all you denim enthusiast a little love with his post on dry denim and Nudie Jeans. So, I thought I would go to the opposite end of the spectrum and talk about a company that is setting itself apart in terms of distressed denim. PRPS, also known as Purpose, lives by the slogan “bruised but never broken,” because each pair of jeans is put through various treatments, washes and hand-done details to give it that amazing finish. Originally marketed towards the urban market with a more relaxed fit, PRPS has unveiled two new cuts this year; a boot cut and a slim fit. They always say to look under the hood when you buy a car and the same goes with jeans. When you roll the cuff up on a pair of PRPS’s you will see a beautiful selvedge denim made from Zimbabwe cotton. The denim dream of the founder of Akademics and ex-Nike designer, PRPS defines perfection in today’s over saturated denim market. Though a pair of jeans from them will cost you $300 or more, it feels good to know that your pants are the definition of perfection.

Denim Bar: Arlington, VA

I never thought I would find a store where they actually turn away customers, but the Denim Bar in Arlington, VA. doesn’t let anyone just walk away with the latest and greatest in designer denim. Mauro Farinelli is more of an educator than a store owner and that is for good reason. Jeans are not just fabric to Farinelli, but rather works of art each crafted and stitched in their own unique way. Its not called the Denim Bar for no reason either, the sales staff dress as bartenders and you can enjoy a drink while you peruse the complex world of designer jeans. Mauro and co-owner Mary Alexander make sure to stock denim for a wide range of customers. For the denim enthusiast that enjoys their jeans more untouched, you can find great pieces from Kicking Mule, Sugar Cane and Nudie. But, if you want a nicely distressed jean with a fashion forward fit, Mauro has got you covered with jeans by SFAM, Tsubi and True Religion. If all of these different brand names have your head spinning, don’t worry. Mauro gives every customer there very own free consultation to help find the pair of jeans that best compliments your body. The Denim Bar is located in Pentagon Row at 1101 South Joyce Street Arlington, Virginia 22202 703.414.8202


It takes a lot for a t-shirt line to really impress me, but when I came across LA based Materialust, my hand immediately reached for my wallet. Materialust is really a globe trotting brand and I mean it in every sense. Each design is based on a different place across the globe: Paris and two versions of Tijuana shown above. Now don’t jump on me just yet, what makes this t-shirt line stand out from the rest is the great feel and fit of the tee itself. When I initially picked up the shirt I had to check the sign on the door and make sure I didn’t accidentally walk into a thrift store. Apparently, I am not the only one catching wind of this new brand because the line is available at a handful of top notch boutiques. We’ve seen many great t-shirt lines come and go, but this one looks like they are here to stay.

Dr. Romanelli

Now, I am sure most of you are thinking the same thing, did MC Hammer have a garage sale or something? But, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. When Darren Romanelli was just a college student he would go to thrift stores and buy vintage pieces, take them apart and put them back together. After doing this on his own for a couple months, the LA hipsters and hipsterettes started to notice Mr. Romanelli’s (sorry Dr.) creations and soon a clientele of LA’s hottest boutiques were on board. Once an underground demand started to build for Romanelli’s one-of-a-kind hand made pieces, Nike decided they were going to give him a shot at working with the scraps on the cutting room floor. Ten collections later neither are looking back and Romanelli’s client list is getting longer and his clothing is getting even better. Now before you whip out your cell phone in search of these street-wear masterpieces be warned that the jackets cost around $1500 and the hoodies $600!

Jean Shop NYC

To some the coolest place on earth is the baseball hall of fame, the birthplace of Elvis or even the finish line of the Indy 500. But, to this Josh Spear contributor it is the store Jean Shop, nestled deep in the heart of the meat-packing district. Jean Shop: Every pair of jeans that Jean Shop produces are all salvage denim and raw, which means they are produced from top quality looms and are completely unfinished. When one walks into Jean Shop, it is just wall to wall of all different kinds of denim. Not only is Jean Shop renowned for its denim, but they also make some of the best leather products I have seen. Jeans run in the $240 range and belts cost around 150 dollars. For $700 they will even custom make you a pair of one-of-a-kind jeans. Jean Shop products were recently only available at there flagship store in NYC, but after some snooping it seems has started selling the products.


Trovata is a four-man fashion design collective based in Newport Beach, CA, and has risen from a dorm room design studio to high-fashion notoriety in a matter of four years. After literally cutting and sewing each sample by hand, they got their first big break with orders from Barney's, Fred Segal, and American Rag in 2002 and they haven't looked back since. With a laid-back mix of west-coast surfer and east-coast prepschool student, Trovata bases each of its collections on the lives and times of fictional characters"”the Fall 2006 line employs a cool 1960's Alpine Swiss Streusel theme and the Spring 2007 line is a quirky take on a 1974 Cuban Diving Adventure. During New York's most recent fashion week, the Trovata four strayed away from a conventional runway show and instead opted to showcase their Spring 2007 men's and women's styles by throwing a party with a band, margaritas, and even a raffle drawing–unconventional? Maybe. But it was an ingenious way to brandish the whimsical features with which the Trovata label has become associated. Get Trovata clothing (from t-shirts to twill blazers) at your local boutique or online at Active Endeavors or Revolve Clothing.

Sofia Mini’s

I am a sucker for unique packaging. When the M&M Mini's came out, I was there, when Dannon released Gogurt in a plastic tube, I was there, and now when Sofia wine comes in a can I will definitely be there. Sofia, which is renowned for its great tasting wine has just made itself that much more easy to sneak into outdoor concerts or baseball games. Found at most grocery stores and alcohol depots, the Sofia Mini's come in an adorable (I use the term loosely) hexagon box with four cans per package. If you have limited access to a grocery store or live in the woods, Sofia will happily ship you a hexagon for 15 dollars (temperature permitting).

Nike Air Max Eminem Charity Shoe

The last time a shoe company and hip hop came together, we got Run DMC and ADIDAS. This time Nike is giving it a go with 64 pairs of Eminem designed Air Max’s to be auctioned off for Charity. Lasting til October 1st, 8 pairs will be auctioned off each week alternating between eBay and various Nike Town locations. Depending on the date of your bid, the shoe will vary between the Air Max "˜87 all the way up to the most recent Air Max 360. Each pair being auctioned comes numbered and signed by Mr. Mathers himself making them any sneaker collector’s dream. All proceeds benefit The Marshall Mathers Foundation, a non-profit that helps troubled and at-risk youths in the Michigan area.

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