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Guise Chicago

Would you believe me if I were to tell you there was a place where one could get a haircut, a shave, shop and enjoy a cocktail? Well for you Chicagoans, this might just be your lucky day. Guise, located on Halsted in Lincoln Park, is the creation of Brad Habansky who was looking to create a one-stop shop where men felt comfortable; and that he did. In the front of this swank establishment is numerous barber chairs each featuring their very own plasma television. The main draw for me is the comfort of being able to get a good haircut (*cough* and manicure) and not have to worry about looking to prissy in front of your female counterparts, but the shopping at Guise is not too shabby either. Brad chose to feature brands such as Nudie Jeans, Flippa K and Band of Outsiders, any paired with a clean shave and fresh hair cut will be sure to guarantee you don’t leave with just the bill.

Ever Clothing

Ten years ago I didn’t think anyone did vintage clothing better then my friends Mr. Abercrombie and Mr. Fitch, but since then times have really changed and Ever clothing is a perfect example. Started by Jason Bleick, who is an OC native and former design VP for Quiksilver, Jason really knows his way around the clothing industry. The major appeal and selling point in Ever is the detail and quality of every garment they make. For example, the popular sweatshirt they make comes thermal lined, grinded out edges, a distressed patch and amazing riri zipper. Each garment comes with a pouch that contains ear plugs, which is Bleick’s way of showing the influences of his travels in his clothing line. Currently offering a complete line for fall containing numerous buttery-soft vintage tee’s, hoodies, and pants, Ever is definitely a line I am going to keep an eye on. Check out their site to find a retailer near you!

Stuck In Customs

It is hard for me to give away one of my hidden gems, but I have to give respect to this website because major respect is due. Trey Ratcliff is the genius behind the blog Stuck In Customs. Although a CEO by trade, Trey has created some of the most breathtaking images I have ever seen. Traveling the world, Trey is always looking for new environments to aim his camera at. There really isn’t much more I can say about Trey’s work, check his blog out and let his images speak for themselves.

Blue Blood Denim

For those denim aficionados that love a great looking pair of distressed jeans, but hate looking like you just walked out of a homeless shelter then Blue Blood Brand has your back. Dubbed “the Human Experiment”, each Italian cotton picker and Blue Blood worker were given a pair of raw denim to wear for six months, after the six months were over the jeans were taken and each worker received a new pair. The worn in jeans were then dry cleaned, repaired and sent directly to a boutique near you. Each pair comes packaged in a Blue Blood potato sack. Some raw denim enthusiast might consider this cheating, but you get a great looking pair of distressed jeans that don’t make you look like you just got in a fight with a piece of sandpaper. No word yet on price or availability, but Blue Blood’s jeans generally range in the $250-$300 range and I would not be surprised to see these at around double and in very limited quantity.

Dog Bar: Miami

Dog’s have always been man’s best friend. They are great companions at the beach, they always want to play and some can even pick up the newspaper. But, if you are a dog in Miami, then life just got even sweeter. Dog Bar is a 24 hour, 7 day a week department store for your furry friends. Dog Bar not only features various food products and dog toys, but also features the latest and greatest in dog apparel. But, for you dog owners’ do not forget to bring your credit cards because dog beds run in the $300 range and a tuxedo cost around $100. But, as the saying goes its not cheap to look this good!

Tradin’ Guru

Tradin’ Guru is a new website that takes a modern day spin on everyones favorite swap meet. The way the site works is people can take any item they wish and post it for trade on the site. Other members then come on and make you offers to swap, if you see an item that catches your eye then a swap has been made. The good thing abut the site is that there is no obligation to swap, if no interesting offers are made then no swap is done. This sort of barter system had been tried in the past with Craigslist, but this is the first time we have seen it done on a more complex level. Right now the site is completely free with no advertisements or swapping fee’s. So, get on there fast!

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