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The Federation for the Advancement of Time Posters


My favorite non-profit tutoring center, 826LA, has just debuted the second round of its cheeky retro-future Time Travel posters done once again under the talented hand of local artist Amy Martin. If you recognize the look, that’s because you’ve seen them here last year, and they were such a success"”$30,000 was made purely in poster sales"”that the organization figured it might as well try its luck again. Witty with right-on messages, the 18″ x 24″ frame-ables help keep techno dreamers firmly planted in today’s reality. They’re only $19.99 plus shipping, and are available for pre-order with a ship date of Sept. 14. Way to go for thinking ahead of time!


Wacky is wonderful. Self-expression is, of course, what makes the world of art so superbly rich. On this wacky (and I mean it in the best sense of the word) tip is Sixeart‘s newest mixed-media-on-paper show in Sao Paulo, Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas (The Hens Dream About Being Human), which has specially created a baker’s dozen of new works. The Barcelona-bred artist cut his teeth with graffiti in the ’80s, but went on to scale big heights — literally — when he joined Os Gemeos and JR for the Tate Modern’s Godzilla-sized street art spotlight last year. Incorporating the influence of classic Spanish artists into his urban-style work, this latest brood addresses mutating animals, which is the last theme in a series (the first two are “bad children with fringe” and “circuits.” Miro definitely comes to mind when you see his black, bold lines dividing yellows and reds, making his chicks hot, colorful little numbers. The exhibit runs at Rojo’s Artspace until Sept. 5, but you can shop the work here.

Wax Poetics: Brazil Issue


One of my fave mags because it consistently introduces me to a fountain of new music that I wouldn’t otherwise find unless I spent my free hours diggin’ in the crates and hanging out with vinyl heads, Wax Poetics’ current issue themed under Brazil (it’s a Brazilian summer!) is a treasure trove of interviews with some of the greatest legends of tropicalia and jazz, plus newbies making the grade. Cover star Gilberto Gil leads off articles with Airto Moreira, composer Arthur Verocai, L.A.’s Triorganico, singer Ceu (whose career has seen an incredible forward trajectory in the past few years), among others. This edition will surely be a collector’s edition, worth putting alongside all that vintage vinyl you have.

Nike 6.0 Explorer Pack


You’re getting a super sneak peek at Nike 6.0′s neat space-themed Explorer Pack scheduled for release in January 2010, though we wish it were coming out now ’cause of all the moon-landing anniversary talk in the air that has us feeling space-y. The Nike 6.0 team went to NASA HQ to get inspired for the design of the collection, even going so far as to tap astronaut Buzz Aldrin to help devise the galaxy print. It adorns everything from the Galaxy hoody to Triad backpack. I especially love the tee (sorry, not pictured), which is printed with the world-famous image of Aldrin from the Apollo Moon landing. There’s also another jacket in white, is waterproof and has special details, like zip pulls and Velcro straps in red and blue to correspond to the left and right sides"”all in direct reference to astronauts’ space suits. Pretty out of this world.

Mulheres Barbadas: 5 Days Live at Micasa


Mulheres Barbadas must have been working out their arms, but considering what we already know about them, they’re used to it. They’re a few steps beyond the starting line of five long days of live painting at Sao Paulo’s concept furniture store Micasa, where they’ll leave nothing"”walls, tables, chairs, refrigerators, even owner Houssein Jarouche’s Mini Cooper"”untouched with black marker. The duo, who take turns intertwining each other’s wacky drawings in magnificent detail, are streaming their intense art session on their site and told me they are already so productive that they’re running out of things to paint. In fact, it must not only be their arms that are tired but their brains too: they’re encouraging viewers to suggest what images they want them to put on the walls and furniture by adding the tag “#mulheresbarbadas” to Tweets. After Mulheres Barbadas reach the finish line, they’ll put the finished goods on for sale at Micasa. The walls will likely stay put though"“the building’s schedule to be demolished in a few months. Tune in between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Sao Paulo time to watch the fun unfold.

The New Order: KAWS x Takashi Murakami

TheNewOrder.jpg TheNewOrder1.jpg

It’s incredible to see a blog grow into something that comes to change pop culture. The blog reports on it, but in the process, inevitably becomes a part of that pop culture as well. One of our smart classmates who’s been running in parallel alongside us all these years, adamantly pushing its cause, is, which started off as a simple street apparel-update blog but has recently made its foray into the print world"”an interesting move considering media companies usually do it the other way around. The New Order is a heavy tome of a magazine that comes out quarterly and merges the right now of fashion, art, film and relevant topics affecting our generation. The second issue has just debuted and features a double cover with KAWS and Takashi Murakami, two significant icons of pop culture who consistently challenge ideas and keep them relevant. Each issue runs $25, but if you make it to the launch party tomorrow in L.A. at Carmichael Gallery, you’ll score a free copy that includes a special KAWS poster. Those who can’t make it can get a preview of the issue in a video on

Juxtapoz: The Brazil Issue


If you’re passing a newsstand in the next few days, look for the long-awaited Brazil issue of Juxtapoz. Guest curated by William Baglione"”whose artists we always breathlessly talk about here"”the hot special edition stars a slew of familiar names: Bruno 9li, Tinho, Calma, Choque Cultural, Os Gemeos and others. Baglione said he chose the artists based on a variety of styles, potential and experience. The cover artist is Herbert Baglione, William’s bro who counts Juxtapoz editor M. Revelli as a fan. The story goes that the issue originally was meant to be a spotlight on South American artists, but when they saw that most of the artists were Brazilian, Juxtapoz changed strategy and dedicated an entire issue to the well-deserving cast of lucky artists. Jump on this quick.

Geometry of Ruins


Inspired by modern ruins and the spirit that remains alive inside of them, Geometry of Ruins seeks to simultaneously provoke feelings of hope and its death. The multimedia show by Tyger creator Guilherme Marcondes and his artist wife Andrezza Valentin"”both from Sao Paulo and now living stateside"”goes from an art center in Sao Paulo that was never finished, whose mystical what-could-have-been promise is amplified by a superimposed eclipse on fire, to a video installation with dozens of tiny screens flashing frenetic images and mimicking the city’s grid layout. I love the couple’s concept of using structures as literal skeletons in which to frame imagination. The show runs till July 11 at Flux Salon in Venice, CA, the wonderful little gallery by Jonathan and Meg Wells (of ResFest fame).

MWM Graphics: Parallel Universe

MWMGraphics.jpg pal MWM Graphics (Matt W. Moore) is finishing up a month-long stint of work and play in Sao Paulo, putting the final touches on spray painted pieces for tomorrow’s kickoff of his first-ever solo show in South America, Parallel Universe, at Rojo Magazine’s Artspace. The graphic design wunderkind arrived with no materials and created everything in the show from scratch in a studio in boho Pinheiros. The results are canvas versions of his famous vector illustrations, and they interestingly blur the line between digital and literal handiwork. Check out an in-depth interview with him on in which a writer takes him out for forro dancing and drinks, and in the midst of it all that mental lubrication, Moore reveals some great (and inspirational) insights into his work process.  Looks fantastic.

Zine of the Month Club


The gift that keeps on giving is sadly underused. I’m not talking about a puppy. I’m referring to what might become a relic if people don’t start having obsessions with receiving things in the snail mail again: Gift of the Month Clubs. In particular, Zine of the Month Club is one such variation, which should rank right up there with Beer of the Month Club or Cigar of the Month Club. For $75 a year, Mark Price Is a Factory will send off a zine each month by various artists published by them (or rather, him). Of course, you could just buy them individually, but that’d take the fun out of getting a neat-o present buried among the credit card statements and cable TV flyers in the mail. You canceled your newspaper and magazine subscriptions long ago when you bought your BlackBerry or iPhone. Now’s the time to start up those things you used to like before they went old school. Just make sure the Hot Sauce of the Month Club doesn’t come in the same delivery as these zines.

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