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I came across this piece of goodness by a recently graduated graphic designer named Hanisted out of central Brazil, who took ink to crackers and turned out a topping that’s refreshingly unpackageable. It’s a miracle that pen didn’t perforate them. Besides snacks, he’s had his illustrations printed in a newspaper called O Popular, as well as for the press relations department at his university. It shouldn’t be long before some bigger media outlets tap this enthusiastic artist whose style walks the line between children’s cartoon programming and adult silliness"”something welcome in these times of frowns. The lesson? When creativity bites, forgo the napkin, canvas and even found object: a food item will just as well work. If you know of other artists appropriating unusual canvases, let us know!

Windfreak Style

There are those who are darn proud to break wind. We’re talking about Nike’s iconic Windrunner, of course, which started off as a functional apparel piece to cut pace-slowing headwinds. In their latest Brazilian campaign to promote these classic nylon jackets, Nike Sportswear called upon my dear friends Paula Reboredo and Gil França of street fashion blog Freakstyle to help oversee the one-off Windfreak Style contest. Sao Paulo residents are invited to send in photos of themselves in Windrunners, via their blogs, for a chance to win a package that includes (another) Windrunner and VIP tickets to Freakstyle’s monthly party "” essentially the bragging rights far outweigh the prize. So far the entries range from dudes on skateboards to stylish fashion shoots. Help pick the winner by leaving your comments on the Flickr page. What a great example of connecting a campaign to the local market.

Novo Mundo(s)

Startling, arresting and full of emotional quality, French photographer Florent Demarchez shows reality in high contrast. His talented eye has gotten him the Jury Prize at the International Environment Picture Festival for Nights on Earth, his series that shows industrial landscapes in all their futuristic-like glowing glory. His latest work is launching this Friday at Favela Chic gallery in London. Novo Mundo(s) documents his time spent with the Veja team in the Amazon and the northern Brazilian state of Ceara. This time he tackles animated subjects: rubber trappers and the organic cotton producers that contribute to the makeup of Veja’s shoes. If the photos are anywhere near as spectacular as the one advertising the event (what you see here), expect a provocative and awe-inspiring look at these people, their lives and jobs. The show runs through March 30.

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Islands in L.A.

“It all started with a simple thank you email to our friend Luke Ramsey, co-founder of Islands Fold, for designing Poketo's sweet Animal Mugs,” begins the tale behind today’s Islands in L.A. extravaganza. Kicking off at 3 p.m. at Poketo HQ in Southern California, the public is invited to watch artists Travis Millard, Marco Zamora, Derek Albeck, Joel Speasmaker, James Gulliver Hancock and Islands Fold’s Ramsey and Angela Conley showing off their artistic prowess on handmade zines, which will be put on sale a few hours later, along with a special tee made from the collaborative effort (Islands Fold is a neat little indie publisher, in case you’re looking for some more reading material). Poketo’s promising an island-theme photo booth plus food and drinks from Urth Cafe to help mark this great partnership. They don’t promise tans, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for umbrellas in our drinks. The event runs one day only and ends at 9 p.m., so make it your happy hour spot tonight if you’re around.

Scion Space x Sao Paulo

Continuing to further shorten the artistic gap between the U.S. and Brazil, Sao Paulo’s Choque Cultural is extending their connections northwestward to well-respected Scion Space in Los Angeles. The Sao Paulo exhibit starts on Feb. 28 and features some of the strongest artists on their roster, and in Brazil: Calma, Carlos Dias, Titi Freak and Zezao. Influences run from folk art and tattoo iconography to hip-hop and skate culture. Throw in free valet parking and an open bar and you’ve got a party! Now if only they really had free valet parking and non-stop drinks in the real Sao Paulo, the experience would truly be authentic. The show runs through March 28.

Toy 'N Block

We love our designer toys as much as any other collector. The Plasma Dunny: we’ve got first dibs. The adorable Chinese New Year Yoka: we give it a mini-hug before going to sleep every night. But if they were side by side in a display case, Toy ‘N Block (click Decor) would be the one that stands out. Reminiscent of the building blocks you had when you were a kid, OIO Design’s fun-hearted creations are printed with illustrations on certified wood. I’m into the endless possibilities that these wood-cut, street-art blocks with a twist can have. The Brazilian company is showing in Sao Paulo’s upcoming Craft Design Fair for retailers, which means they’re looking for people to stock their wares. E-mail them via the contact form on the site if you’re interested in adding these must-haves to your collection.


As you know from reading our site, we love our wall decals so much we’d adopt them into our family if they were human. And so it’s with great excitement I came across Gecko, a Brazilian sticker company, whose designs look like they came right off a T-shirt. They look fab not only on walls, but anything else that needs some spicing up (ahem, that mass-produced laptop, for instance). They’re especially strong in hand-drawn designs, which gives their stickers a unique, artistic slant that’s akin to inviting your favorite artist to your place to help out with some interior decorating. Gecko’s the lifeblood of a duo that frequently works with artists"”mostly from its base of Rio de Janeiro"”to freshen up its catalog, plus they grab partnerships with architects to get their decals into residential and commercial projects. It’s your lucky day: Gecko delivers internationally.

Chris Stain x Up On the Roof Countin' Pigeons

Los Angeles and New York have much similarity "” especially when you think about the whole West Coast-versus-the-East Coast thing "” but for a month starting Thursday, they will. Artist Chris Stain will be turning L.A.’s Carmichael Gallery into a New York rooftop scene with pigeon coop for his Up On the Roof Countin’ Pigeons, which will all be accompanied by live jazz music. This will be the Baltimore artist’s first Left Coast show, where he’ll also be displaying stencil art and mixed-media work. Also launching at the same time in the back gallery is Lifeline, with art by Brazil’s Alex Hornest and Sesper, plus Jim Darling, Ilia of Btoy and Andreas Ragnar Kasapsis. Both exhibits run till Feb. 26. All they need is the pizza joint down the street and maybe some good deli.

Stella Artois N'Box

To promote their beer in Sao Paulo, Stella Artois is leaning away from straightforward marketing and pushing a new concept called Stella Artois N’Box. Running now through Feb. 19, Stella is offering exclusive, luxury experiences inside a shipping container stationed at a horse track that links Japanese traditional culture with the new school. Limited to just 40 people per day at dinner, guests pay the equivalent of $100 for a tasting menu of Japanese food with sake caipirinhas and are treated to shows like Japanese ballet vs. samba or taiko drummers and DJ vs. street dance and electronic music. Wacky? Definitely. Will it align the brand as uber cool? Possibly — but it’s the creativity that counts.


Veja sent us a sneak peek at their sizzling-new high-top SPMA model inspired by the fifth largest city in the world: Sao Paulo. It has an acronym that I’m totally feeling: “Sao Paulo, Mon Amour,” for the “electrical and improvised artistic creation of the Brazilian metropolis.” You’re already aware of Veja’s ecologically correct standards, and this one doesn’t dare detract from that philosophy. The SPMA’s made from what they call “ecological leather”, which has been tanned with acacia extracts, and the sole’s created from wild rubber tapped from trees in the Amazon. Check out those contrasting-color shoelaces. The SPMA goes on sale for $185 in March in 13 European stores. OKI-NI seems like the best bet to get your tootsies in a pair.


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