Baglione Criacoes

Posted on February 28, 2008 Under Art

Managing talent is big business that keeps getting more specialized the more creative people get. Some say it’s not possible to push your name to the top level without an agency to back you up, and the more niche, the better. Here in Brazil, where graffiti artists know their worldwide value’s gaining as quickly as the dollar is falling, applying this type of management philosophy to this new elite is a darn good idea. William Baglione’s done it with his Baglione Criacoes, a pure testament to his business skill. Baglione’s “Famiglia” has some of the most sought-after names in Brazilian street art, like Sesper, Pato, Flip, Flavio Samelo, Thais Beltrame, Tinho and his brother (Upper Playground collaborator and internationally famed artist) Herbert Baglione. Much like a fan club in which he’s the president, William’s blog keeps tabs on the constant exhibits and work updates from his clients. But his work is altogether different in that he really goes the length to support the artists. For example, Baglione TV is a series of short behind-the-scene documentaries he organized to profile each artist and his/her creative process. William’s also curated art shows, so he knows his industry from the inside out. Overall, this is the type of dedication you can only get from an artist to his work, but William is fully aware of the dividing line so that he can help make his clients money and fame. Really, we all need a William Baglione in our lives.