Beautiful/Decay: Beautifully Redesigned

Posted on September 25, 2007 Under Design

Beautiful/Decay has a fresh new face. Your favorite go-to for all things inspired, B/D recently opted to become new. Having entirely revitalized its site, B/D has managed to surpass itself as the unsurpassable portal for art. It’s still the same amazing hit up for those who want a handle on the up-and-coming creative, but now it’s a little more hands-on. Public Feed, the popular post-able forum for readers’ content, is still alive and well. Added to that interactivity is an Events section: a space for you to post your creative goings-on (gallery openings, concerts, fashion shows, and so on). And take a gander at the Gallery Guide, a comprehensive listing of the globe’s best galleries and art spaces. Wowsa! With its revamp, Beautiful/Decay continues to expose its readers to all manner of otherwise unfound creative flow. The result: the rendering of its reputation as untouchable; it remains the resource for curators, collectors, designers, musicians, and artists alike. Take a stroll because there’s so much more.