Beautiful/Decay T-Shirt Shop

Posted on August 13, 2007 Under Fashion

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Last year we told you about the launch of Beautiful/Decay t-shirts. Now they’re launching a new catalogue, and we think so much of it we felt we had to direct you over there. What you won’t find among the Beautiful/Decay catalogue is cliché. There are 179 men’s t-shirts up (to go along with women’s clothing and accessories), and I am amazed at how each of them manages to surprise me, even if only in some small way. There’s the strange, the vaguely political, and the shirt that looks like you passed out and your drunk buddies took out the sharpies and went to work. The nice thing about the new catalogue is that it makes all the various B/D lines easy to find and sift through, so finding a new shirt on your computer screen is as easy as finding one on the rack.