Behance Inspiration: A Global Collaboration

Posted on May 12, 2008 Under Design


Amazing things can happen when a brilliant photographer from the Bronx, New York hooks up with a talented graphic designer from New Delhi, India. Through the Behance Network, Parris Whittingham has been presenting his photojournalistic masterpieces alongside some of his day-to-day works as a wedding photographer. Archan Nair has also been using the platform to share some of his projects in graphic design. The two first connected by joining each others’ inner circles, and Archan approached Parris with the idea of illustrating some of his works. The resulting interpretations are examples of how two distinct perspectives and background can enrich a singular piece of work. The startling creations by Archan and Parris are The Joy Ballad and The Summer Haze and are some of our favorites.